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  1. You might want to consult an opthamologist. Although the lack of rain has reduced numbers this year they are very much alive and well within Bangkok City.
  2. It is all listed upfront on the transferwise website - yes there is a fee which increases with amount sent. All openly listed. It normally takes about 2 days but longer if holidays/weekends involved. You normally set up Transferwise to draw funds from your US bank to send here.
  3. You can use that multi entry non immigrant visa for any number of entries during the one year it is valid and obtain a new 90 day stay by using day it expires and another 60 days would be available from immigration for staying with spouse extension (without funds). So almost a year and half if you take advantage of it.
  4. Why wouldn't they? People travel, make friends, change plans all the time. That is why tourist visas are normally available to all and not restricted to residents or citizens of country the Consulate is located in.
  5. You have a non immigrant O-A visa from home country Thai Consulate? Or another type of visa?
  6. Note you say arrived rather than last reported. How long is your permitted stay? If only 90 days there is no report to make. You have to leave or extend your stay.
  7. Could not find overall anywhere - and manufactures website did not even list a K7 model being produced in my quick check. Must say was very surprised at the number of chairs and providers.
  8. Suspect you would have to do what others that have not traveled in the last decade. Exit and return to obtain a new entry/card.
  9. Found the chair at that price and company is listed as Bangkok located (probably drop ship from Hat Yai?). Indeed most say seat is 2 feet wide and even a review mentions 61cm so indeed a big chair (some list as 150 and others as 250kg) Lazada merchants are very poor at providing meaningful measurements, often not providing anything but a photo for items that you really need to know dimensions (like tables/shelves and such).
  10. Have been using taxi for 50 years (when meters were hat racks) and since they came into use have not had more than a handful that may have been fast - and even then it was only about 20% more total fare (which would be a normal tip in most countries). At the extremely low price and convenience of taxi service in Bangkok can not get that excited about the few bad apples, but would expect to only pay what on meter if felt it was fast. Normally would provide small change/tip. It is probably best not to get on the hit list of the few that use such systems.
  11. It should not be a problem if you have been here on a one year extension of stay - but do have the money available.
  12. Yes. As for doing more than 2 times by air it can be risky as have been a few recent reports of those being told to sign statements they do not have required funds for entry and put on a new flight to where they came from (local area countries) to obtain a visa or go elsewhere.
  13. The 7 days is provided if a visa extension is not allowed. Visa exempt should be fine if you have been on an extension of stay for last year. It can be a problem after several in same year.
  14. Do you have an extension of stay from immigration for retirement or an actual multi entry non immigrant O-A visa (which is often called retirement)? If you have the visa and still valid a new entry gets you a new one year stay. If you have an extension of stay you can apply for another aqd if unable to meet conditions get a 7 day stay. Otherwise you would need to exit and return with either a tourist visa or visa exempt stamp.
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