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  1. How long is a string? If just normal return OLT seemed to work well for me and was free. Had been using TaxAct for several decades but could not log on this year (believe they corrected now). Paid for TurboTax which most like but found software a bit childish and they could not upload to their servers when complete or provide a reason why so used OLT (they now indicate needed agi from previous year).
  2. I bought a lot of things from Olson in the 50's - very good prices and good quality. First mono tube amp was from them along with below record changer and Norelco speaker the we installed in University enclosure we made for first HiFi unit.
  3. Immigration is part of the Royal Thai Police.
  4. Sorry can't help except warn that buying on ebay or the like can result in really bad copies. When I could still shave without nicking myself chose to use the below BIC from Lotus. They cut as good, lasted as long and are much cheaper.
  5. Thanks much for the update - must have been just a glitch doing the upgrades for the new name of "WISE".
  6. This is not totally required as there are alternative means to show source. TW itself can provide PDF transfer document which is often accepted by immigration. Receiving bank can can also provide proof of external origin. Many people not using Bangkok Bank already use these methods as not all destination banks have a code for international transfer.
  7. Back in the days these were my go to mail order sources:
  8. Was not impressed with several models and returned to the old school tifino method for nose. They work and are easy enough to use with mag mirror. Have found the Philips OneBlade works good for ears.
  9. Totally ridiculous for anyone not an expert IMHO.
  10. Although we have a washer with build in heater (many new models do offer) it has never been used. Clothing is worn one time and washed here. Hot water wash would greatly reduce life span. I still have my shirts from two or three decades ago (and much prefer them to what is available these days). As long as you sun dry clothing as done here there is no logical need for hot water washing for sanitization reasons.
  11. TransferWISE is in process of name change to WISE but other than that operating normally and still a good system. AFAIK you transfer money and rate is based on that date/time - but no experience from Oz.
  12. Only for emergency use I believe - the same as elsewhere. Not the same as hospitals providing to paying customers.
  13. And again you did not advise the reason for your extension of stay - the requirements are dependent on that information. You extended for retirement? You extended for marriage? You extended for children? You extended for another reason?
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