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  1. Guess you did not spend as many hours watching them transverse the ceilings in Takhli Bars as I did back in the 60/70's. They do indeed catch and eat all kinds of insects.
  2. As you say you used hospital and they normally require consultation and doctors orders for any tests. I suspect what appeared sales may have been partly the doctor trying to get how serious it might be across (just as your home doctors had done) and as your new doctor he was taking responsibility and needed such data. Plus your UK medical experience of not paying for such service making it sound even more like a barker.
  3. Suspect they consider you as an apartment/condo type customer and local runs would be via your coaxial to customers/modems?
  4. I think he set a standard that has dropped. I will stand on that as much as it may appear otherwise - now if you take the alternative names (perhaps hundreds) that the scammers use and count them as individual sellers you are probably right. They have a huge issue with same seller using multi names (often selling at 3x going price).
  5. There are all kinds of sellers on Lazada and Shopee and most are legit sellers of name brand products, including official dealers, just trying to make a living. Tesco Lotus, CP and many other stores also sell products on these platforms. And there are good Chinese products also being sold by individuals and official dealers. That 90% off is likely to be fake of course is true and that Lazada has more than its share of cheap junk is true - but they also offer a good choice for normal shopping for many of us who use a bit of discretion. The world does not always operate with the protections
  6. How is that salesman? If an MRI indicates cancer (flare with contrast dye) the next logical step is either a biopsy or operation to remove suspect growth. The doctors in most cases are not employed by the hospitals - it is just their office setting as easy to access to facilities. That said indeed there are salesmen in the medical profession - as in most others. But it is rather easy today to double check with help of Google and such.
  7. Doctors name should be on the appointment slip - or on last bill if not thrown away. Kind of important information as hospitals can have the good, the bad and the ugly working as doctors. A good doctor is likely to be more important than the hospital itself.
  8. The temp residence visa I believe has to be obtained from Consulate and as said conditions can vary but normally about $1,900 per month income required. As said normal tourist six month stays are common. Below video covers this at about minute 13:
  9. Both the above are second generation and should cause drowsy symptoms for fewer people - but most any drug can for some.
  10. Believe they all can cause such symptoms I have found Zyrtec to be good for me and much better than some other I have had.
  11. As said any entry can be up to six months and an hour trip/return across border gets another (forever). Most people do not bother with official residence from my understanding. Also believe requirement vary by Consulate used, even in USA.
  12. Fulfillment via ACH Bangkok Bank New York rather than direct to Bangkok Bank Thailand via USG. New York is the middle man and out of USG control. For many direct transfer is likely not the best option and keeping a US account for deposit fits better.
  13. Sorry did not read far enough - but perhaps luck of the draw in exchange rate on the day of transfer. At that level (virtual tie) would rate access to account much more important than 100 baht and use IDD myself and remove the middle man chance of error.
  14. Thanks much - but my reading is all 3 of the examples provide higher posted amount (even when exchange rate marginally lower) using IDD. know there is an issue using WISE as fee increases with amount sent so small transfers are indeed better using that system.
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