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  1. Domestic transfers in USA can be subject to checks - normally believe it is keyed at 10K but when I lived in Florida it was much less for anything in that region due to drug money, But suspect Transferwise is subject to special provisions to allow foreign account payouts of deposited money and likely are very anxious to avoid any potential money laundering issues.
  2. That can happen if holidays/weekend involved.
  3. Most people do not have to travel to immigration to do 90 day reports as can do online for many - others can do by mail for about 50 baht or less. It serves no useful purpose IMHO but costs immigration more to process than for most of those reporting.
  4. There are valid reasons for both options. Those married to Thai and working in another country would have great difficulty even obtaining an extension of stay as only here a few weeks at a time.
  5. Another option that may be available to you is to obtain a non immigrant O-A visa (long stay-retirement) visa in your home country before returning. That provides a one year stay on entry.
  6. Only guessing - but that combined with trying to transfer more than authorized on first attempt combined with outages may have set off alarm bells. Know you have patience (7 days is a long time) but they may not.
  7. As a guess would say that 3 day delay was likely at your bank and why your account was closed (no timely response from you). Some banks are very slow in listing account activity online. Note the missing page is marked business and borderless account so (if true) that might also have something to do with it as believe most of us have just set up normal accounts. Can not really remember (old age) but believe it was easy and fast setup and nothing asked for 1,000 usd test - sent copy of passport and full amounts authorized within short time. From others report the bank info is to a banking site and not held by Transferwise and is secure so do not believe you need to worry about that. But understand your frustration. When things go wrong, everything goes wrong.
  8. I always say up when going North - but you can fly directly to Clark (Angeles City - nightlife, restaurants, hotels and low costs of Pattaya) and avoid Manila easily. "The nice thing is you can extend that stay up to 3 years before you have to exit for a new entry if you decide to stay." - noticed said that above - sorry for repeat.
  9. Actually first access was to incountry system here rather than direct to internet - special software/browser required and very slow. But for someone like myself who lived a life of 75 baud Model 28 Teletype it was a step up. Suspect for most of us 50-150 has little practical meaning - it is f a s t.
  10. The test is of the ELCD - not that it has a ground attached. They work without ground - that is why most are now shipped with large red lettering on front advising to install a ground - suspect many are not grounded so always a good idea to check. The ground should trip breaker for most faults before you do so rather important to have. Yes it could save a life.
  11. There are good and bad - but the hallmark of Thai dentistry is specialization, just as for doctors of medicine, and that means large offices with more doctors rather than the single or two dentist shophouse. Have experienced a few very unsanitary places. FYI grandfather and two uncles were dentists so know a bit about how a single person office should look - and it should be clean!
  12. Rats normally make direct path hot to neutral rather than ground so breaker trips. Had that happen a few times. Safe-T-Cut did not trip. Had a life saving Safe-T-Cut trip when using those nasty plastic extension cord reels - when plastic cut insulation off hot wire where I took hold of it to drape over a chair. Will not use that type again (similar to below).
  13. Really? Sure are not covered by mine. Dental is normally a separate policy in USA and not covered by health insurance AFAIK. Believe quality is good but prices are not that low in name hospitals of Bangkok. That said I do use their services rather than a soi shophouse facility (which found less than ideal in past).
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