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  1. Yes but believe this is about point of sale daily limit. Below is the Bangkok Bank but believe it has been changed to allow a 5,000 baht option also (press 1 likely). Note also there is a normal phone number for use from overseas as well as the local 1333. Press Daily Purchasing Limit (Baht) 1 50,000 2 20,000 3 50,000 4 100,000 5 150,000 6 If you want to prevent any purchase of goods with your Be1st card https://www.bangkokbank.com/en/Personal/Tips-and-Insights/Cards/Instruction-for-Purchasing-Limit-on-Be-st-Debit-Card
  2. Are you talking daily limit of a debit card or credit limit of a credit care? If debit card daily limit yes it can be changed via phone process four digit number - not sure if can use that from overseas however.
  3. All of the files play only sound? Is this an MP4 recording? The video quality is playable on your monitor?
  4. That sounds like a bad torrent as VLC will play almost anything. Was thinking you watched first two years of a series and year 3 was the issue. Did you ask your friend to try playing?
  5. And what did the USB drive cost? Do you recall the file size of first 2 downloads and then the 3rd? You are saying none of the downloads now play or just the series 3? It could be the torrent was bad and he needs to downloads another version.
  6. Perhaps I misunderstand but thought you had to have arranged this prior to obtaining Consulate clearance allowing travel here. Are you sure he is arriving on 19th or is that just his wish? The amount of quarantine places greatly effects who can travel and when. Suspect it might be too much to hope that they would have a central registry of what is available when - but such might be the case. There is a known shortage of available rooms so expect it is very much first come first served/reserved.
  7. Not a good match - suspect it is the reason plastic female connectors normally have a metal insert. Decades ago tried and failed and have always made sure to buy connector with metal insert since. Might be worth getting a plastic male to female/metal insert connector?
  8. Believe you may need a current KR2 to prove marriage still valid but have never done so others can be of more help.
  9. Will add that I initially tried to use Rajavithi Hospital after hours clinic as that hospital has a full time team doing bladder operations but after 3 month queue operation canceled while on OR table due intensive care room not available - as cancer was growing could not wait another queue so went to Bangkok Hospital to have same week. Cost at Rajavithi would only have been about 80k (for Ileal conduit type) plus room/medications.
  10. Not clear what you are attempting to get. A 60 day extension of stay to visit wife? That will be the normal TM.7 and 1,900 baht fee. If you wish a one year extension of stay financials will be required. Or are you asking about conversion to non immigrant O 90 day entry? That would also require financials.
  11. I can not answer but do not believe it is that common a procedure here so might be best to look in Bangkok. I went with normal conduit for cancer removal and cost was a bit over 1 million baht at Bangkok Hospital. Am older age so this option seemed to fit better and found it easy to adapt to and have not had any operation issues (done about 4 years ago).
  12. Not even sure you could do that but easy to have deposited into US bank and then transfer what you want here. Yes it may cost a small fee but it can be very little if you shop around and check all options. Has worked for me for the last 28 years without issues. Currently using Transferwise as also serves to prove income.
  13. Have had for several years - appears to be very accurate (in reference to closest official station) and fast to react to changing conditions and USB charge lasts a long time. As have filter use to check that it is working when air gets bad outside.
  14. If you are asking about medications not registered for sale in Thailand expect it would have to be done by mail. Medications sold here, be they first name brands or legal copies should be available from any pharmacy (although they may try to sell the more expensive product harder).
  15. As said that is the US Consulate. Thailand is not part of the Hague Convention so local notarization may not be accepted outside of Thailand.
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