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  1. I fear will still be waiting for your message to load - forum is just about DOA.
  2. No I did not say that. But one might question how he will re-enter Thailand without a visa.
  3. You should call your bank on normal phone number to confirm. It appears you sent email but not sure to what address and you mentioned phone number was not normal. I could only provide an explanation on what such information might now be required but appears you may be the first to receive such so best to confirm directly at a bank contact you are sure of (not anything from an email).
  4. Not good news for Thailand if it does not hold up. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-astrazeneca-thaila/thailand-to-make-supply-astrazenecas-covid-19-vaccine-idINKBN26X1GC
  5. That is not very friendly response to those trying to help. But I have never used email notifications as they are listed on website so that might be your issue.
  6. Another option for PDF is Foxit Reader - I have been using for years and very happy with it.
  7. My thaivisa email is also Hotmail and I have never received any spam of any kind - but I do not directly view Hotmail (very little activity) and use Gmail account to view it. But not getting any spam in my Gmail account from forum.
  8. Last years answer was this thread - Google will also provide. https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1082738-lenovo-service-chiang-mai/#elControls_13813677_menu
  9. Not as far as I am aware. Only a few special tourist type entries are currently allowed and must be coordinated with country Thai Consulate - there is no free travel yet. But as said by that time we have not a clue.
  10. As long as you select long term stay in Thailand as the reason for transfer they should be coded as foreign transfers by Bangkok Bank. If you select something else as reason for transfer much more likely to be coded as domestic transfer SMART. But you can obtain paperwork to show foreign origin even if mistake is made. You can use KBank but will require PDF receipts from Transferwise and/or credit receipts from your bank for each transaction.
  11. Your 1 is a no unless covid extensions still allowed. Your 2/3/4 are unknown. After covid it is not clear what requirements may be. As they used to say in TV land
  12. As said that can be access points - but admit I gave up using them as have much better coverage with a cheap dedicated unit.
  13. It greatly limits your payment options in my view - better to keep accounts in home country active - you may well need at some point - even if only for insurance payments/government tax payments and such. Also good to have a credit/debit card in home currency for many people. Most of us will have payments to make for something that is often a lot easier using home country currency/banking.
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