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  1. That is of the same type normally used here before RO became available and still occasionally found - and indeed it was a good choice with a long history. It can be a bit of a pain to maintain however and often not filtering to acceptable standards because of that. Water flow is also an issue as passing through ceramic is a very slow process. It is still a favorite for those that believe we must get our minerals from drinking water.
  2. If home has AC the meter and feed lines should likely be replaced with 15/45 meter/wires (if transformer allows).
  3. Wife had done laparoscopic in August at Vejthani Hospital by Dr. Piya Totemchokckyuakarn and cost was 205,000 baht with one night ICU stay. No pain. She at 79 was just under there normal cut-off age of 80.
  4. Or perhaps more. But you say apartment which is normally rented so approval would be required if not owned. Suspect family could find someone to make/install but suspect it would cost a lot more than a few sat dish. Getting someone to live there is probably even more important.
  5. As above Medical Certificate is used to provide diagnosis (required for most insurance) and also has wording to provide doctors recommendation for days of work to miss if such required. Signed by doctor and patient and stamped by hospital.
  6. 30 day visa exempt entry is not a visa and repeated use in same year is frowned upon. A tourist visa allows a 60 day stay that then can be extended. There is no one year marriage visa but there is a multi entry non immigrant O visa valid for one year of up to 90 day entries (which for your travel would be ideal). There are no financial requirements to obtain in Savannakhet or HCMC but you would require original marriage certificate/wife home register copy/wife ID card copy and for HCMC a short note from wife asking for visa to be issued.
  7. POW - prisoner of war? But perhaps applicable if you are actually asking someone else to marry in your place. Highly suspect this would not be allowed for a foreigner and not sure it would be for anyone as the whole process is to verify identity. You have or are aware that a foreigner must obtain a certificate of being single from there Embassy as the first step in the marriage process? Sorry can not be more helpful but just not making much sense to my old brain.
  8. There is no reason he would have had to do either if staying here on 90 day visa entries; as are many. Edit: above seems not to be the case from his reply.
  9. You don't understand swampy? Bangkok Airport but am sure you know that.
  10. Have experience this several times decades ago and it was normally due to special screening, like current virus scare.
  11. Typical report - say 9 charges but only list 3 (guess too costly to add a few more words).
  12. How much water are we wasting? About 50% of a few liters per day. Understand green but we are only talking about drinking/cooking water - not 50% of household use. As far as other filters - none compare with the effectiveness and ease of use of RO for home use - and have been using filters in some very unpleasant locations for more than 50 years.
  13. As said it is monitored at every disturbing point in real time and on internet. Bangkok water pressure is not high (no mountains to install water towers on) but it is much higher than any home pump(s) is going to draw. It does not go negative. In years past it was an issue in some locations but has been greatly improved. But most people still do not drink from tap. https://twqonline.mwa.co.th/EN/map.php?type=
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