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  1. All they need is SSN of US Persons and a line or two of computer code and that was taken care of well in the past. Have not seen any recent reports that account opening issues has anything to do with being a US Citizen and those previously were mostly speculation rather than factual in my understanding.
  2. Once here with a non immigrant O visa or making conversion from tourist or visa exempt entry at extra 2,000 baht fee you can resume the one year extensions as in the past (you are aware of new financial requirement to keep 800k in account 5 months and never let get below 400k). Never been in that ATM card position but all branch in Bangkok now issue (rather than have to use account branch) do not believe it would be an issue.
  3. Up to 7 days late is the normal allowance so that would run to 5 Oct so could have been posted. Have no idea where their Facebook page is.
  4. The issue is everyone is trying to get a 30 day extension before Saturday so most places will be standing room only if not done is a separate location. Today's not so subtle reminder that extensions due.
  5. It appears 90 day reports were indeed due and now anyone that missed one must appear in person to obtain a covid stamp to justify having not done so. There is almost no queue and appointment is not required in Bangkok at MTT but expect it will be a madhouse elsewhere where all things are done in one location. Might want to wait a couple weeks in that case.
  6. The new requirement is 800k in bank account 2 months prior until 3 months after extension of stay and 400k or more at all other times. Previously this money was only required to be in account for the 2 months prior to extension application and was expected to be used for your support. This can be a huge change for those that have to pay medical bills upfront and then obtain insurance reimbursement. The income requirement is 65k per month income. For those from countries not able to obtain Embassy verification of income proof of monthly transfers into a Thai bank account can be used.
  7. And OP clearly said it was a quote from a friend, who could well have been from UK.
  8. And expect many that use central cooling units are chiller systems that send cold water to local room air exchangers in any case so only room air is recirculated.
  9. What question was that? You can, if meeting requirements, convert tourist visa/visa exempt entry into a 90 day non immigrant O visa entry. But that is only for the process of extension of stay and financials must be in an account here, as with any extension of stay, on day of application as immigration advised you and then meet the time in account requirement for actual extension. All banks have issues providing accounts to foreigners in general - you just try until successful as each branch can have different criteria. And it is true for all foreigners not just US persons.
  10. At this time they only have the amnesty and once that ends will have to leave or attempt to obtain 30 day extensions of stay if they can not meet requirements for longer extensions.
  11. Yes the money has to be in account to convert status to non immigrant O visa - but you also have to be here on a tourist or visa exempt entry to do so and it appears that may not be the case so another red flag. Believe you were thinking of the 800k not having to be in the account for the required 2 months time for the conversion to non immigrant O visa - but it still has to be in account at time of application.
  12. Yes that is the current amnesty limit. But being a weekend they would likely allow extensions Monday and perhaps longer if no new amnesty.
  13. Unless the water bottle says it is RO processed the TDS should be about the same as tap water or even more if high mineral content. That meter does not indicate how safe the water is - only the conductivity due to minerals and as said if not RO processed it should not be low.
  14. If it is mineral water the TDS should be high.
  15. Have you tried again today at another ATM? Is your debit card a chip type card with a six digit PIN number (much safer). What bank clearance system were you using? If from Malaysia was the ATM you used marked to accept that system? I take it you have not actually called your bank to check account balance and do not have online access to do so? Or did you?
  16. That's good - I did check when someone posted and indeed they said they were not processing orders when I signed in - but now see that has changed to maybe a delay. It really made no sense as orders are shipped from China and that path has had very few issues.
  17. You must depart every 90 days or less - you do not have to return unless you want and that would be another 90 days. You can extend for one year if meeting requirements from a valid visa entry. 90 day reporting is not required for that type of visa/stay. I hope you arrived in Thailand within the last several months as if entry prior to that your visa entry would have expired and you would be on amnesty and subject to requirement to depart by September 27 unless amnesty is again extended. Or you have extended your stay.
  18. Thanks for correction - but would urge immediate action as if there are actually 150,000 people still here it could get very busy.
  19. I have used Zenni for years but believe someone posted recently they will not currently ship to Thailand.
  20. AFAIK MTT is the only option and may not longer be a viable option as all appointment slots are full until after Sep 26 from my understanding.
  21. In the not so distant past you would often be served street food in immigration forms that had all kinds of personnel data. Junk paper was used before plastic took over.
  22. Online may not be an option these days of limited air shipments.
  23. You might have better luck using google to search thaivisa and subject. Search capabilities of forum are a known issue. ((as above))
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