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  1. Paper mail is via ship currently - if even accepted at all.
  2. Can not help but believe the province/city is Nakhon Sawan in Central Thailand?
  3. You are aware of the thousands of people stranded here visiting immigration each day? And the hundreds of thousands pages of new supporting data that immigration has to filter due to National Security? Suspect those doing 90 day approvals may have been enlisted to help and delay may be result.
  4. This does not provide details by date but only totals as of April 1 - but may be of help.
  5. Indeed - seems there have been some such events already which triggered the president to tell police to shot them dead if they caused serious problems. The police immediately said they were not going to do any such thing but not a good atmosphere and people are feeling imprisoned (which they are). When the food starts to run out it could get serious (not just food supply but ability to buy).
  6. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_WihbCriZ9E5GovFnWE1J8vMNcdfI66FPfGZ-UVKWiM/edit#gid=0 Note as of April 1 total tested in Thailand is 17.829 which is 26 persons per 100,000 population (ranking 66). Not the lowest total by far - but also not near the percentage that many countries have tested.
  7. That may be a key item as only emergency treatment is authorized from what I have read.
  8. If spouse and not high income she can still obtain ITIN for tax reporting as married joint return. Edit; Sorry header says non spouse so above NA
  9. And the reason I did not have to pay to use it - or Minitool Shadowmaker - is unknown - but a fact nonetheless. Edit: Did you perhaps try to migrate OS to SSD? That seems to be a pay option - I did a clone and was not asked for any upgrade for that. Unless things have changed in version 12.
  10. It is free for personal use and used version 11 about two weeks ago and had no such request. They have version 12 as of two days ago and appears to be same free to me. Did you go to the link I provided?
  11. I hate that software you tried to use (was Greek to me and never got it to work). Highly recommend Minitool as it works and does so very easily. Would clone again using it after making sure you have bios set to boot from HDD as primary and remove any extra drives (USB) during boot process. https://www.partitionwizard.com/free-partition-manager.html Very good video of process using the above software here.
  12. It is a statement of facts as I understand them, my current conditions using a True 200/200 circuit from computer attached to modem and I am not using my phone as a computer.
  13. I also did many years ago but it required the wife be present, as they want to make sure she knows you may be getting ready to leave her.
  14. I am on Pariet 20mg for GORD currently (rabeprazole sodium, equivalent to 18.85 mg rabeprazole) which appears to be a different drug which might be an option.
  15. For what was desk K or B work at Chiang Watanna you must use the new location. There is no choice involved. Desk A - 90 Day reports are at Chiang Watanna. Desk B - TM30 reports are at Muang Thong Thani. Desk K - are at Muang Thong Thani
  16. This is probably not the best time to be testing internet speeds as everyone is at home and using. In USA almost impossible to even upload these days as so overworked (even with sites such as YouTube using lowest quality for video). That said using 200/200 from True and currently have 221/228 (true speed) and 223/219 (speedtest net) here in Bangkok. As said will be much lower if going outside of Thailand.
  17. Foodland supermarket Latphao today had only plastic hand baskets for shopping - anywhere else removed them? Sure not pleasant for us elders with bad backs.
  18. Did not think of that - used wire spikes on several window overhangs and seems to help. As well as not leaving extra dog food out.
  19. The new doorbell units do not require any battery - inside units plug in and outside generates its own electric with button press. Have seen the normal 220v doorbells in use here and not a fan as most are a real hazzard out in the rain.
  20. But having said that would not rule out going to hospital - did so last week and will be doing again this week. The Wuhan stat is misleading as hospitals did not know to protect themselves or patients - currently they are on high alert and doing everything possible to protect both you and themselves so until/if hospitals become crowded do not believe the danger is that great as hand wash is available on every desk and being used and the number of patients is very low at private facilities.
  21. I can not quote or link due forum rules. Search: MEA clarifies misunderstanding
  22. 90 day report is just reporting you have been in country that amount of time (for those on extensions of stay). It does not extend a current permitted to stay stamp if that is what you believe.
  23. Totally unreliable stats as they are testing those seeking treatment (who believe they have COVID-19) rather then general population.
  24. They have clearly stated that is not the case.
  25. Actually daily infections in Italy are going down - today was lowest in 2 weeks.
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