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  1. You just ask for a detailed receipt - any cashier can provide - all items will be line item expensed just as they would be to insurance company. The cash receipt does not include anything but general categories but the detailed receipt will list everything and you can always question charges you feel are not valid.
  2. It was only a requirement about mid year one time AFAIK - at that time it indeed was required and I and many others were fined (house owner being family). I know Bangkok made a copy last year and it was either TM30 or TM47 or both this year. But as said this may be in leu of rental agreement.
  3. Indeed this is the one and only TM30 and did when it was required. They seem to be making a copy each year.
  4. It was a Non O retirement extension (of many years). Last year they did copy TM30 and they took TM30 and TM47 from passport and made copy of something this time so believe it was same - I live with wife so have no rent documents so that might be a factor. Documents: TM7 with photo and phone number in reason for application area. Passport copies. Bank Book copies. Year bank statement. Bank letter of ownership (downstairs) Google Map of home. The handful of extra forms.
  5. Had 1045 appointment but arrived early at 0810 (was up and got taxi easy and light traffic) and obtained queue 174 to get extra forms to fill in. Did not use queue number. Entered Bangkok Bank at 0830 for account letter (already had one year statement from home branch). Only took about 15 minutes and after long search for copy place (North end of basement area) tried luck at immigration at 0901 in case an opening - no luck and told to return 1030. Waited outside (they have chairs outside now) and entered 1030 - only had to wait 5 minutes at desk 32 for others to leave and completed at 1101
  6. 1. She should be able to get, or you order, a new computer within that price range. 2. Does she really want a laptop? Our grandchildren had but never took to collage. Perhaps a mini PC such as LarkBox Pro attached to TV would work better. 3. Most cheaper computers here are still sold with HDD rather than much faster SSD so watch that. HDD sucks for computers that are turned on and off often. 4. Computers seem to be falling out of favor as smart phones are taking over - that is what most want now.
  7. The local made Hitachi (about 17CF) unit we bought about a decade ago had water container in refrigerator section that pumped into freezer ice maker so that brand may work. But ice maker did fail after several years and we did not repair - use space to store my Walls Top Ten ice cream bars now. The type you mention above from tap could also be fed from an basic RO filter system (they have pressure tank).
  8. At this time very easy to change appointments (did few days ago for this week) - after all have to use will obviously result in less open times but probably not be an issue if not wait until last day to do. As far as I know there are no limits - you just cancel and make new.
  9. If using web site you select, under your name, my purchase and have all orders, to pay, to ship, to receive, completed, cancelled, and full tracking available. As for items I ordered 10 of one item from Lazada - get 10 emails - and then another 10 when they cancelled the order. Much prefer no emails when full information is on web site - Shopee does send email on delivery (which is usually at same minute delivered).
  10. Everybody is using masks in my area of Bangkok. And being very careful. But wife has decided to wait on shot as oldest son had to be hospitalized after getting AZ shot last week. As both allergic to many medications he strongly advised her not getting shot now and she agrees.
  11. The receipt (which should be attached to your passport) will always have your next reporting date stamped on it. So you indeed do need to report and will likely have to pay a 2,000 baht fine for being late.
  12. Extensions have nothing to do with 90 day reporting in Bangkok once past the first one. You have to make report on whatever your TM47 receipt says (up to six days late allowed in person).
  13. There are AFAIK two methods of sending SS payments now - the old system as ACH transfer via Bangkok Bank New York and that would continue to require an access only in person account (so your death is not concealed and others take out money - Bangkok Bank would have to repay USG). But now there is direct deposit to any bank in selected countries, including Thailand, under the new system and that does not require any special account or involve New York office of Bangkok Bank. Believe that would have to be set up via Manila SS office.
  14. The most expensive crown, high grade gold, is not more than about 25k in my experience. https://www.bangkoknewsmile.com/fee-table.php
  15. You will mostly see the speed on startup and windows updates - but there will be better speeds for any read/write operations so should be much more comfortable to use and almost no waits. Glad you had cloud storage.
  16. Because such units are mostly sold upcountry for homes that would not have grounded outlets (even if they allowed a 3 pin plug). Better to have external ground wire installed. That said many homes here will at least have a working RCD.
  17. I holds the cold. Full freezer, but not blocking circulation, is always the goal. https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/food-recipes/cooking/tips/a25212/freezer-mistakes/
  18. You overcome size by filling the empty space. Just water bottles would work. Or even bread. Perhaps a walk through the refrigerator department of Home Pro or such would be easier than trying to judge size on Lazada (where such things seem not often to be reported). If you want an automatic ice maker that would also take up space.
  19. Highly advise two door system as the single door freezer compartments do not normally keep low enough temps. Ice cream will melt quickly if not kept at or close to -19C (although the container type shown may not need it as cold as paddle/cone type products). How big a refrigerator are you looking at? Smaller 2 door units have smaller freezer areas.
  20. We run between 3.5 and 4 bar (50-60 psi) on older model with pressure tank and find that keeps good shower pressure (main reason for wanting higher pressure). Have an 8 person household.
  21. There probably is no reason your current unit will not last another decade - local shops can fix any model at little cost, even if compressor fails. Our Samsung failed at 17 years and local fixed and working as good as new. If buying new: 1. Hate side by side doors - never right size (too small) and you lose too much cooling even with a short opening. 2. Freezer on bottom is much better in Thailand as cold air falls and is held in draws even when opened. Especially true if in non airconditioned space. Top freezer cold air falls out on every opening. 3. Drinks
  22. It appears he has already had it checked and HDD is indeed bad - await his reaction to the new SSD experience - but hope he has not lost anything important.
  23. Actually you also said below which clearly if he enters as a Thai is not required.
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