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  1. Darn. Our beloved trolls are not they used to be.
  2. What is your point and how do you want our western societies to go forward? Stop ranting, offer solutions. Thanks.
  3. I know I can not go to deeper in to these issues as there will be the guy who'll flag my post as not related and the moderators remove my post due single report. That's how live is in today's world. Penetrating thoughts are no longer welcome. Vanity fair it is.
  4. My point, really is, if you are pointed wrong you and many other people die. Government's responsibility is to make sure that you don't die, even if your prediction was wrong. Thats why you can personally make fast moves and the government hinders behind, trying to make sure that everything is going to be alright at the end of the day. I'm personally for very fast movements, but if I think the problems in government level which includes taking care of other people, it's best to think these solutions throughout. It's other people's real life, we are talking about. Let's not forget, than in real politics, there are real lives in stake. No, not just models, but real people who put their clothes on today.
  5. Actually no. This is where I get in conflict with all-green supporters, who have tunnel vision and who are not able to see the larger view of life. This is also the point I wish to educate you, not to fall in to the simplicity trap. If you do so, your messages are no longer listened by those you wish to be listening. There is the stupid level of national security discussion. This discussion is talked to and for rather simplistic people. The moronic followers, who will follow anyone with authority. Then there is also the realistic, national interest talks, which are meant to be processed by the people with a lot higher IQ's. These ideas are not nationalistic, but more logical conclusions what should be done after <deleted> hit's the fan. Quite different cases.
  6. You are from Norway? From a large country with few people to live there. To make sure your country will not become occupied again, would you rather pay for people to simply stand by and monitor the people around, or would you prefer to give subdiarities to the farmers, who are known to protect their ground from foreign influencers? If countries are reduced to city states, like Singapore is, then there is no need to protect one's premises from foreign powers. That's however is not the case of of real countries with more land than they can fill with people. There is a good reason, even for the cityfolks, to support vast amount of land, used and monitored by the farmers.
  7. Let's rewrite the rule of having 1 year multiple entry visa to Thailand. 1 year multiple entry visa costs 5000 baht. You have to exit Thailand after 90 days of visit. - You can however extend each your stay by 60 days, if you visit Thai immigration with your spouse and pay 1900 baht extension fee. - This way one doesn't have to do a border run (simply going out of Thailand and coming back) every 90 days, but every 150 days. - If it's more easy and cheap to do border run every 90 days, then simply do it.
  8. I haven't nor I have really met any other farmers really. My point is purely how countries and governments should plan their actions in a longer timespan period. Let's say that a definition of a good country is able to keep 5-10% of their population alive in case of major catastrophe.
  9. Have you ever spend an hour to think it through? If not, please do so now. While it might sound like those centrists actually had a voice, when they see a huge problem ahead. It's not even that. Do take a real time to think about food production, how each of us fill our stomachs, at the time when international relationships sublimate.
  10. It's mostly due national security. While food and energy can be produced more affordably in overseas countries, these amenities are considered important for national security in case of emergency, war or pandemic. Each well functioning country wishes to keep a secure level of food productivity, to stay alive in case of current day multinational food exchange stops. Then again, the support we give to the farmers is also reflected how little do we pay for our foods. Without these subsidiaries, we would pay a lot more for our foods. If we think it's not fair, I have not yet seen a stupidly rich farmer, like I have seen a stupidly rich bankers. So let's stop saying farmers are the issue here.
  11. Thank you. You just made my current life a lot easier. Just when I thought everything was falling apart.
  12. While I'm still beating my <deleted> for not understanding how to extend border run periods, I still wish to learn a bit more. Firstly, naturally, if I visit immigration with my wife on 5th of March and my visit expires on 15th of March, is the new 60 days added to the 5th or 15th? Is the extension of visit dictated by specific immigration offices or does the general rules apply to all immigration offices? We already know, that many rules are applied differently by different embassies. Does the same apply to different immigration offices?
  13. Well, heck. After a decade living here, I'm happy to occasionally learn more details how to maximise the immigration system possibilities. While I had extensions, I didn't have to learn these rules. But for the past few years, I have been flying or taking a bus to the border, every 90 days. What you say, is that I didn't have to do that border run every 90 days, and I could have delayed it by another 60 days by paying 1900 baht fee each time. I would have extended my stays and paid the fees with pleasure, had I have only known it's a possibility. Now I know. Thanks. I'll use extension of stay in a near future and save myself a lot of trouble venturing outside of Thailand. Every little thing helps at this point of my life. Edit: One more question. As my wife is not too well and have her good and bad days. How much earlier I can visit the immigration and ask for 60 day extension, before my current visit expires? If I visit immigration tomorrow and my visit (not visa) ends in a couple of weeks, will the 60 day extension be added to the day I ask for it or to the day my visit allowance ends?
  14. I didn't see it before, now I did. Now I wish to learn a bit more of the rules. If I'm half year in on my 1 year multiple entry NON-O visa and getting close to my 90-day entry. Can I go to the immigration office and extend my visit (without going outside of Thai borders) by 60 days? This way I would have to exit Thailand only after 150 days, instead of 90 days. I thought the 60 days extension to visit was only valid at the end of the visa period, therefore extending 1 year multiple entry visa to become 1 year +89 days + 60 days visa when optimised to it's best.
  15. Thanks. Is there a way to deliver the wish to cancel border runs with valid 1 year visas for time being to the Thai immigration / government?
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