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  1. So if as you state it can not provide healthcare to British people outside of the UK pethaps you could explain why almost all the British people at the Embassy were vaccinated whilst here in Thailand ? Further why is it that foreigners ie supporting staff at the Bangkok Embassy who were not British were also vaccinated at the UKs taxpayers expense ?
  2. Not too sure why you feel it neccesary to quote what was in the link but good to know you are finally understanding what positivity represents which based on latest figures is not flat linining as you appear obssesed about claiming at every opportunity. Up or down is not flat lining, is that really beyond you to comprehend ? And also you will see from the reference it should be assessed over a 2 week period something you appear unaware off based on you previous misleading, factually incorrect and false assumptions of your previous posts.
  3. https://www.jhsph.edu/covid-19/articles/covid-19-testing-understanding-the-percent-positive.html
  4. They won't that is the advantage. Nor will they soil their clothes unneccesarily because crawling on the ground will also be shook off as archaic nonsense
  5. You appear now to be deliberately making up baseless claims and assumptions about what I said? Tell me ,where did I ever claim it would be catastrophic ? I think you better stop making false claims about what people say or do not say on here as other posters will think you are becoming delusional and perhaps unbalanced stuck in that hotel room of yours. If you do not desist from making erroneous claims and falsehoods about what I write you will be reported.
  6. I think you're right and if Pfizer combines that vaccine with viagra it will be a very hard road ahead for many
  7. So , we can all read other posts so what is your point of stating what we already know ? Or do you think Chonburi is all of Thailand now ? So exactly what chapter of "Herge's Adventures of Tintin" are you up to now ? That ASQ is taking it's toll on you perhaps ?
  8. It didn't take too long after my previous post for the usual posters to go from posting ludicrous claims to them becoming ridiculously ludicrous claims . Can't wait for todays installments from them as it is like as if they post after firstly reading from "Herge's adventures of Tintin" If it wasn't so serious it would be laughable what they say and claim.
  9. Bill , what was the deal between you and soon to be ex-wife
  10. Yes confirmed previously all staff, British and Thai have been vaccinated care of the UK government. As for the rest of us, well look on the bright side. A new UK Ambassador will be appointed soon so let's hope he has more gumption than the current one to demand that the FCO organise vaccinations for all British nationals living overseas, albeit in Thailand or anywhere else.
  11. I don't know what these people are eating but what ever it is they need to change their diet urgently as their current dietary intake is resulting in ongoing acute verbal diarrhea.
  12. I said in another post that lack of school attendance will have a positive impact as it will result in lack of brainwashing. There could be a whole generation of kids able to think for themselves if it lasted long enough. And all that nationalistic and feudal sh$$e you mentioned would be discarded to the bin where it belongs.
  13. But if they had cardboard beds like Thailand is adopting in their field camps they could burn them in situ perhaps.
  14. Currently they can not contain the epidemic, why do you say they can ? If they could contain it then there would be no outbreaks outside already infected areas. Almost weekly they find "hot spot" in different locales so to say they can contain it is a nonsense like almost all of your posts on this subject.
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