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  1. With so many copy cats i cant understand why its hard to find a proper serviced barber at reasonable prices here. Like in Turkey we have those guys doing 7 euro cuts which even include a shave, removing nose hair and a freaking mask. You leave the door like new. In Netherlands we also have them for 10 euro max. While here they ask 5-20 euro and still fail to even do a sustainable job. It often shows the mistakes after a few days. There is some workshops etc nowadays but same issue, they teach them to do a model cut without understanding hair causing it to look bad in no time. Its always surface level in TH.
  2. There is less hunger, deaths etc in reality but it depends which narritive you believe. Only real thing is trash in oceans and similar stuff that is a real issue.
  3. Feel sorry for Americans with brains, they must feel akward over this stupidity by now lol. Even TH is more stable hehe.
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