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  1. I'd rather take a Chinese one than any other one. At least you then know it was tested on a high volume. But funny that one would jeopardize their own health, because being unable to make objective decisions as of hating certain countries ;).
  2. So you paid tax 27 years too long too in that case. Only to fund the army and elite ;).
  3. Knowing most people, everywhere, are incredible stupid, I am happy to see that a fat 1/3rd of Thais say it is up to us. That is a good sign.
  4. Wow seems he was extremely lucky so far as he needed CPR. Would never happened in time outside a organized race / no army medic.
  5. Just use satang.com or P2P sales on LocalBitcoins or Binance instead. Binance also withdraws THB via Satang. How much you want to sell? I'd hand you cash for it at 2% markup.
  6. Actually it is hemp that would be the next cash crop if Thailand had the brains. The cannabis earnings will only be minor and replace pharma revenue.
  7. Nobody seems to realize it? Or do you mean you never did until today? Most businesses can't get a license and it is the norm selling without, you just pay the cops. That is why the manager changes all the time too (alcohol selling nominees). As well it is cheaper to start and run a business this way.
  8. Not sure why people are surprised that Pattaya is still busy. It is like the criminal and money laundry heaven of the world. Obviously money continues to go around there, criminal money doesn't stop due to a pandemic. The fact that not every business has customers is another topic as well plain logic if you ask me.
  9. That is a non issue anyway, people do P2P trading on local banks in Thailand constantly, you could sell 3 million baht bitcoin for cash in a bank in less than 60 minutes from now. If I need to, I could transfer up to 30 million baht daily with my corporate accounts. But in 99% of the cases people deal with small money compared to above so that isn't any issue at all to process. Wether it is in your own name or some nominee farmers you take on. But again, there is no foreign transfer code on sales from domestic exchanges / transfers. In theory, let's say you need to move out 1000 million
  10. That is a silly idea and a waste of both money and time. For starters because PoW (Proof of Work) was an old and inefficient way of doing things, by now mostly the future will be on PoS (Proof of Stake). To make things understandable: mining is not the future anymore. If you actually wanna teach your kid something, start playing around with Arduino and how solar or electric works in general. A base kit on Lazada is only around 1500-2000 baht. Check https://www.arduino.cc/. Can even make remote controlled cars with it and stuff, very fun. What can you do then? Start a node online
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