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  1. I know from personal Business experience in marketing / advertising that most web cam girls barely earn 10 dollars, the few good ones do nicely and even then it usually is only 5000$ after taxes, for ruining your vagina with automated sex toys. it's like digital nomads, most don't earn a penny.
  2. That shock wave Thailand still is going to get, they delay it now with payments on hold. Specially as 30% of population decreases.
  3. Agree, I never got interested during school, always sucked too, but I was raised properly to always work hard, teach myself and do business. Worth much more than any school, aside of languages skills, I would not waste on International schools anymore with that knowledge. I'd rather work less and teach my son myself.
  4. I figured it is actually a large part of the lack of parenting and therefor emotional intelligence, casual discipline, that messes them up. No wonder if you ditch them in the sticks with someone who lives 50 years behind in time. It explains the narcisist traits of many of these guys and girls too (lack emotional intelligence).
  5. Pattaya is death. Unless you want to claim that the 20% of businesses that will remain open, and shed some light on quietness and darkness in certain streets and areas, is compensating for the remaining 80%? It simply never be the same again but of course the city doesn't vanish. Just like a good part of nana in bangkok likely is there to stay, but it will never be as varied and big trough out the entire city anymore. At least not for the next 5-7 years.
  6. First trip was 2013, place was also still hopping and as the good old stories, it changed quickly after that in 2014 ish coup. Happy I did get the chance to experience it in my 20s, I knew it wouldn't last forever (partly as the new generation doesn't seem to be into paying for girls). Well there is still the ABC hotel in Angeles City left for us hehehe.
  7. Pattaya was dying for years already before covid even started, so yeah, it will never return to be the same again. Just like most cities, we are fooled with large amounts of group tour Chinese. The real tourists are gone since the coup started while Vietnam is that busy, it looks like khao san in the old days. I used to travel there for business every quarter and can tell the differences. Large amount of shop owners were losing or only open thanks to mass credit available in the first place, the problem once opening will be that there is actually nothing to come back for (i Mean th
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