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  1. And they completely forget the point that this are tourists, not long term stayers of which you might expect Thai language skills.
  2. That you have a lot of air traffic doesn't mean it is all tourists, and does not justify the lack of catering respectfully to Tourism, neither lacking English skills. With merely 17 million people and a tiny country we did over 76 million in 2018, however we do not cheat like the TAT. We know the transfer rate is around 36.6% too. That is Amsterdam, and it is actually easier to speak English there than Dutch too Do not take so much credit for Bangkok airport, it is foolish and makes you look quite dumb. We do not take credit for the transfer arrivals too. Just because people land there, stay a day and travel on, or in case of Bangkok, go trough immigration and depart from another airport, doesn't make them tourists. Sorry to break your fantasy but this is reality. Get over it, no big deal.
  3. Most likely by some left wing feminist girl from the west, who doesn't have a clue too.
  4. Now you actually offend 3 more countries of which most do speak basic English. That aside, English is the world language for Tourism & Hospitality, as well for ASEAN. Nobody ever said Thais should be speaking more than English language either.
  5. Cuz most have studied abroad. That aside, to become a dentist you have to like studying, so English would not be an issue. Not to forget that most literature is in English, hard to become properly educated without being able to read / write / understand / speak it.
  6. Yes but after 10 years, aside of a time with Internet, movies and so on, basic English should really not be a problem. Most of my English has actually developed while staying in Thailand, not in school either. It is all about practice, losing face / culture is the real issue. To learn and say; Hello, how are you, what would you like to eat, etc. is really not that difficult. It is a matter of wanting to learn or not. If you want to earn from tourism business, you know English is part of the skills and tools you need. That counts for every country except perhaps Spanish ones.
  7. Stop speaking about what you do not really know. You just happen to be staying in your own country, most if not all of your life (so far). Also, saying that you would leave for the smallest thing instead of complaining, proves you are the victim of wrong education. And: ''Thailand 39 million tourist. Philippine 5.5 million tourist. Thailand win.'' You do understand you make Thailand the laughing stock by that comparison right? It proves how TH fails learning English, even with so many arrivals, not tourists. Edit: If the sign would say, Chinese, I would have sympathy for it. English is for the world, anyone serving tourism industries knows it is mandatory.
  8. ''Don't try to earn from tourists if you can't even speak basic English after decades of tourism, 10 years of English in school, stick to Thai customers then. Love you''
  9. I thought Indonesia gives 10-15 year visa after 2 years married... Sounds even better to me. I would go to check out Indonesia and Vietnam if I was the OP, leave TH for what it is. Not worth it compared to those options.
  10. So basically they function like half baked army's in universities too. No wonder this country works in a certain way hehe.
  11. I remember needing a freaking passport to buy something CASH in Power buy, a cheap small fridge if I recall right, never been shopping there again. I do not care wether the excuse was VAT return (didn't apply to me) OR warranty, just too much passport copy requests already.
  12. Not true, much more concern. If you watch the documentary I posted you will know why, levels are multiple times higher than in farmed meat etc. Seriously not worth the risk eating.
  13. Often happens to rural Thais coming to Bangkok for the first time, being scared of everything. They fear beatings or worse if not paying up.
  14. There are thousands of rooms both on the left side entrance and right side entrance gates in all the streets around it. As well cheap foods. The average room rate is 1500-4000B a month. Contracts from 3 months only, 1 month deposit usually. I would recommend the to check out the area on the left side entrance, it is quite nice there.
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