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  1. Doomed already. Political instability, ridiculously strong currency, poor safety record, rubbish everywhere, no gun control, corruption is rife, running out of water, poor infrastructure, little concept of customer care, Chinese zero dollar tours and the back up to falling Chinese tourism? Indian. Well I guess they've tried the cowboys they may as well give the Indian's a go.
  2. Before something really terrible happens, remove these ANIMALS from the street ! Ain't never going to happen. Life is too cheap here and there is no mindset to tackle these problems.
  3. Has anyone other than the junta actually put forward a case supporting this ludicrous purchase?
  4. Drain surely. All the gunk you need to remove is in the sump plus the oil plug is magnetic and picks up shards of metal.
  5. Just got mine. Had to go immigration (Chaiyaphum) with Father-in-law (housemaster) and his tabian ban and usual stuff passports ID's, arrivals card etc. 500 Baht. Took two minutes.
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