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  1. ...and the rest of the population??? Imagine if this were the UK and we were told only Londoners had special access to health????
  2. The freaky electoral college that is heavily stacked in favor of the Republicans.....surprise, surprise!
  3. It's not just beer though.....the whole nation is being ripped off by five or so Chinese families......lack of competition, cartels, price fixing......with the industry and natural resources Thais have, they should have a much, much higher standard of living.....but any disposable income they have goes on necessities the price of which are controlled by the billionaires. It really is criminal.
  4. I cannot, for the life of me, see any other explanation!
  5. Plus...and it is big plus...Biden has a real VP backing him up.....not a cardboard cut out, religious fruitcake of a yes man like Pence.
  6. France is secular and long may it be so.....a beacon for the rest of the world......no religion is a good religion...all are hijacked by the moronic males of the species for their own ends....the power and the glory.
  7. Harris will be running the show.....then two terms with her as POTUS and AOC as VP...... and all will be right with the world. We need women like Arden running the world...not chest beating neanderthals like Trump, Putin and Johnson.
  8. Hope the weather does not dampen the demonstrations.....big day to day.....off the the German embassy to book a spot.
  9. 'They' not only seem to have a blatant disregard for life, but this disregard even extends to their own lives.....weird....maybe it is the amulets?
  10. My conclusion is no. I've been pondering on this very same thing. I live in a 'huge' condo....with every facility under the sun. Cleaners, security, pool staff, juristic.....there are way more staff than occupants...BUT....once all the units are sold in a condo they have a guaranteed income from the management fees.....as long as the costs are kept in line with the fees they are laughing.....who needs tenants?
  11. Not expecting an answer, but a similar gripe......why were all the Nepalese wives of British soldiers serving abroad given automatic ILR whilst all the Nepalese wives of Crown Servants, serving abroad were refused? Just had to get that off my chest.
  12. Do you have a link or evidence for these wild assertions.......chummy, sunbeam, matey....
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