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  1. Maybe a bit lazy, but nothing popped up on a cursory search.....will try again.
  2. ...strange post......Not really......never rented in my life and suddenly renting in a foreign country not exactly renowned for the rule of law or any great desire to abide by contracts. It seems eminently sensible, to me at least, to ask for advice.....but thanks anyway for responding.
  3. Hi, Does anyone have any helpful comments, guidance, warnings? I am looking at renting for 12 months (or possibly 24 months if there is a discount). Do I need legal advice for instance, or are contracts pretty much "run of the mill"? Are there any headaches getting deposits back at the end of the contract? All that kind of stuff. Thanks for any responses.
  4. Agreed...there is no market in the UK for most of the catch.
  5. The DUP were thrown under the bus in the blink of an eye........the Fishing Industry will be thrown overboard in the blink of an eye......... all to secure a deal on Financial services.
  6. If I hire a car and driver or a taxi I tell them they are not allowed their phone.....they are horrified! I also make them stop every 90 mins on a long journey...and limit their speed to 60 mph....everyone should do the same.....these drivers are not 'hardworking' they are dangerous.
  7. Lived in Germany for 25 years....Merkel is nobody's fool. The goat herders referred to (to which the above post was replying) were the highly educated, upper middle-class goat herders....the ones who had the money to escape. I had two Syrian neighbours.....one was a cardiac-surgeon, the other a neurosurgeon. She knew exactly what she was doing.
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