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  1. haha won't get slammed - yes at the moment naive or probably better put - lacking knowledge We have been to many places out of eu for short breaks so I'm surprised about the difficulty in understanding thai visas & how it all works . Vollunteering was an idea, there are a few services like 'Travelpackers' which seem good but our main accomodation will be couchsurfing & hostels Will have a look through forum in more detail today, any links to said threads would be appreciated.
  2. Education visa and elite probably not for us, too much commitment and too much money for the first step in our travels
  3. Thank you, figuring this out.. Am trying to wrap my head around the whole visa game. How to start and what steps to take after we are there to maximise the stay My fear is that we would encounter some sort of problem not being able to stay more than initial visa aha. and we really want to have the possibility of staying as close to a year or so as possible Wow re rent. That's insanely low
  4. Thanks for the info. Would you suggest to enter via visa exemption, second exemption at friendly land border then to apply for metv following this? Or to get metv from London embassy before?
  5. Well we would ideally do 1 year in Thailand initially before moving forward. Looking to travel most of Asia Struggling to understand what are current visas and what is best...
  6. Hi I have just booked a one way ticket to Bangkok for November this year My wife & I have *finally* made the decision to ditch and travel. We have good jobs and by then will have substantial savings and would like the possibility of staying in Thailand as long as possible. I will be 23 and her 25 when we arrive. We live in London. Am stuck between tourist visa and non immigrant. Ideally we would like to volunteer through an app in exchange for place to stay, food etc After Thailand we will move on to somewhere else - in process of somewhat planning a route so we have an idea as we are looking to travel for a few years at least What visa do we need to apply for the longest stay and what do we need to prepare for application? Ps - not a moron. Have spent hours reading contradictory information so I'm now making my first ever forum post aha Any help is greatly appreciated!
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