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  1. why not? hed wanted to have a look. He didnt want a handjob out in the open
  2. hello Liverpudlian, nice to have a fellow native here
  3. i dont give a <deleted> what you think youve just confirmed youre a hooker chasing sex tourisy and stay as close as you can to NP so youre close to the action
  4. He messaged me, Angelwitch bar. Very busy he said and many ladies at 10pm when he went in. He was arrested at 1030pm.
  5. the police are local pal, theyre everywhere and arrive quickly when they smell some farang money wake up
  6. yes, she put her hand down and grabbed the snake. nothing went further as he stood up in shock or whatever.
  7. i dont think so it definetely happened
  8. i see well, im sure things happen in the dark, a feel here, kiss there etc.
  9. yes, when he wanted to pay his bill for his drink and the hooker drink the hooker wanted 1000bt for a feel he refused and things got heated and police came and arrested him
  10. so youre saying that youve had a couple of trials whist in the ago go bar? but you never went full on board
  11. yes but theres no point in him making it up hes not that kind of person i think it definetely happened
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