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  1. Birth control is cheap and readily available for everyone. Responsibility is on the individual. Get over it
  2. Yes, same problem for me but only ups. I had to go register them as a broker in the customs office and finally got my package. A series of incompetent corresponding emails and phone calls before it was settled. UPS in Thailand suck
  3. I just went through this, and ups is by far the worst of all the delivery agents. Anyway, I am in Pattaya, they finally sent me a paper and I had to go down to the laemchabang customs office and register ups as a broker. The reason they are asking for your passport is because they can do the registration for you, but you can do it yourself at whatever customs office is in your area. This is after I sent them details of the Amazon order, passport copy, copy of the tm card and visa. Mine took longer because they sent the letter I needed to register to the wrong address. Ups is by far the worst of all the delivery agents to deal with. It takes time, but I would check out the closet custom office in your area, and register for the paperless thing.... Which takes loads of paper to sign, ironically. Ask ups for the letter if you want to register yourself. Good luck, it will eventually be over. TIT
  4. So if we use your logic, and I use that term loosely, you can put all deaths from all Sars and influenza outbreaks on whatever president is in office. Do I have that correct as your stance? He's responsible for governor's policies of putting covid infected patients back into nursing homes too, if we use your "logic"
  5. Correction, the current administration wants a fair deal across the board and is not about the decades old status quo.
  6. This is a really bizarre twist on reality and logic.
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