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  1. If the US Population is 328.2 Million and CV deaths are 159Gs US has a .00048 death rate. If UK has a population of 66.5 Million and CV deaths are 46.4Gs. UK has a .00069 death rate. If Trump sucks...what does that say about Brit leadership. lol According to google, Cambodia has somewhere between 0 and 10 deaths from Covid. They must be freakin' geniuses in that joint. lol Making covid political is f*cking stupid and probably has contributed to the global death rate. Countries that use hydroxychloriquine early in treatment have a much lower overall death rate. But since Trump mentioned it and we must hate everything that is remotely related to Trump, hydroxychloriquine is evil. Can people be any more stupid? Perhaps... Trump is an idiot. The bigger idiots are the fools who are obsessed with him. They are the biggest f*cking morons on the planet. Trump will have had, at most, 8 years. After that, he goes away. Obsessing over him is infantile and, well, just plain <deleted> stupid. It's as stupid as the people who obsess over him believe that Trump is. Pull your heads out of your asses.
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