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  1. All of these comments are xenophobic speculation. Where is your evidence for fudging numbers?
  2. Read the threads on this forum. Then run for the hills from most expats.
  3. It is amazing how everyone knows how to teach because they went to school. Ferang 123 ignore these absurd comments above. I seems to me it is a more complicated lesson plan schedule, with the saving grace that you get to teach the same lesson 2 or 3 times. I think your real concern is dealing with littlies, and I agree that is a challenge. This is because infant language learning has to be fun, games etc. our daughter teaches infants English in China. Maybe she can help. If you want to PM me send me a link. I am an ex-schoolie of 14 years standing and I refuse to listen to anyone who hasn’t done the job, like the “learned” brickie above.
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