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  1. And it makes my life so much easier to spend my 6-month Thailad stay on a retirment visa. When posters complain in this forrum about ordeal of getting a retirment visa, I sip pina collada on the beach and laugh reading those posts.
  2. Wow 13 baht. No wonder my GF who is also my daugther's mother always complain "farangs buy so much gold for their wife why you don't buy me gold" I say but farangs get "marriage visa", yellow book, and pink id card from their wife but I don't want any of those useless stuff.
  3. If you're using an agent to get your visa, you can opt for a cheaper service that will cost you around 300/400 USD. Surprisngly agent prices have dropped after they went with the monthly income in the bank for the four consulates and modification of keeping 400K through out the year for 800K method, contrary to what most posters had anticipated. Myy be more people have switched to agents and now agents can make a decent incomes and the IOs can send their children to good private schools and buy a car due to the increased in volumes.
  4. Unless you're an African American, you can even threaten police with guns and they won't shoot you.
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