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  1. I wonder how much of your soul you need to sell in order to work in a blatantly corrupt and backward country when you have actually seen how it should be done My thought is that it's fully down to multiple zero's on his pay check though I hope I am wrong, if he really is an intelligent worldly wise professional who has recent foreign experience he is in for a world of frustration...
  2. The lack of intelligence is evident for all to see whenever he open's his mouth promising things that he clearly is unable to deliver. If he was intelligent he would know to think before speaking It's evident when he say's thing will be so and the next thing he has done another 180 turn because he is not intelligent enough to think things through. The fact he surrounds himself with yes men also demonstrates his fragility and lack of intelligence I think you are mistaking intelligence for cunning, he has risen to the top in a sea of mediocrity so I agree he is cunning, a
  3. Are you for real? Are we talking about the same spoiled man child general Pinocchio and his friend and accomplice the watch aficionado? The same dimwit that refuses scrutiny yet prosecutes others? The same hypocrite that calls for an end to corruption and nepotism but promotes his brother and gives him lucrative military contracts? The same liar who said I am a soldier not a politician and there will be no coup? The same one that said the state of emergency will not be allowed to stifle protest? The same person whose deput
  4. He's an entitled thin skinned dimwit. Doesn't negotiating require a degree of intelligence and the ability to compromise? I won't hold my breath...
  5. Plan? I don't think he has ever had a plan for anything he just opens his mouth and spiels <deleted>...
  6. Yes true but unlike some I will live in hope that this despicable creature and his cabal are toppled sooner rather than later, they are parasite's and a blight on the Thai people...
  7. Yes, a lot of short sighted, dim little men running scared, they will box themselves into a corner and they are flailing around blindly for anything to stop the pain. Messing with the peoples FB and online stuff may well blow up in their faces!! They are in denial, all they are doing is adding power to the demonstrators and prolonging the pain. Unfortunately I don't expect them to roll over and leave the trough without significant discomfort the like of which we have not seen for many years...
  8. Well seeing as the great leader has stated it won't introduce a curfew I am inclined to believe they will, If past experience is anything to go by I reckon I am guaranteed to be right!!
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