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  1. If i am agreeing with Robbo, maybe i should re-think my thoughts! If there isn't interest in the game, why give it such high promotion? It's bad enough i have to scroll through the dross on the AFL website
  2. You don't need us to bag your club out, you are doing fine all by yourself
  3. Further to the Hawthorn Pokie Addcition. This recent article from 3-time premiership player James Morrisey
  4. Good to see a coupe of clubs exiting the Pokie Machine Addiction business. Of course, Hawthorn remains steadfast in its desire to scrape money from the poorest in the community
  5. How will so many clubs meet there stated premiership goals? Is the AFL giving out more than one premiership each year now?
  6. Looks indigenous to me https://www.smh.com.au/national/dusty-martin-s-father-an-ex-bikie-boss-fails-in-bid-to-re-enter-australia-20200217-p541nd.html
  7. You won 3 out 4 years? You said before that coming second or third is the same as finishing last. I would have thought so many years of defeat had worn you out
  8. Excellent update Alex. I trust you will be getting your regular medical screening and anti biotic dosages done on your return to tasmania? Shame you arent competing in this years tipping mate
  9. What a mess the Beams affair has become. Rumour was Eddie paid off his gambling debts
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