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  1. I dont see is being top 8 next year unless we had Joey kicking 50 or buddy kicking 50. 2022 I'd expect it all to come together
  2. Swans V Geelong Geelong almost missed the top 4. Had Sydney goaled several easy shots it was tears all round for Geelong. Papley was heading back to his big game best and ended with 2-5 which could have been easily 6-7 goals. Now he has committed back to Sydney for next year and with the arrival of JOEY DANIHER and BIG BUDDY being back next year, it will give Papley less attention up forward and he could be back to his game changing best next year Could be said Geelong lacked some motivation going into the game against lowly Sydney, but the same could be said for Sydney's group. Johnny L played what will be the core group in coming years. Missing and back next year were Rampe, Buddy, Naismith, Hewett, Heeney (Ronke & Stoddart, Mclean, Lewis Taylor). Bracketted players are more fringe With a reduced list size and a coupe of off season experienced recruits and high draft picks, it will be a decent boos for Sydney. We lack decent midfielders. Lewis Taylor and Jackson Thurlow can be let go. They were seemingly the only available top ups and they are average at their best. Elijah Taylor is off to West Coast Might be a couple of unlucky fringe players let go... this week should tell us There is a lot to like about our youth, with the team playing yesterday just needing the experienced guys back and a couple of experienced tp ups. Should be back to finals in 2022
  3. Some players will always be a risk and Harley fits that mould I reckon Sydney will be viewing Elijah Taylor as being a similar future risk. Really hope he does well at West Coast
  4. GWS's season over, I watched Leon Cameron's press conference and its all talk form him about being confident they are on the way and they have the talent.... this after they have just missed the finals!
  5. Joey is coming mate. We'll take him, but he might prefer Geelong We took Ryan Clarke form North a coupe of seasons back and he has been serviceable though not spectacular. Might be some more bones to be picked form those latest 11 Id be more interested in having some GWS players transfer over
  6. Hogan has all the skills but it is the attitude that doesn't stand up, Big Bad Barry Hall was the last player we took with attitude and he left under acrimonious circumstances. But Barry's work rate and training ethics was AAA+. If Hogan was going to turn things around, you would reckon he would have done it at freo
  7. Jake Niall wrote about this today https://www.smh.com.au/sport/afl/why-swans-stood-down-taylor-but-pies-let-de-goey-play-20200916-p55wcl.html
  8. End of year and trade season approaching Sydney would like a key forward and a couple of experienced mids Looks like Joey is now thinking Geelong is outside the attention bubble, but there is still hope for him to make his way to Sydney. 50 goals up forward for Sydney will put us back in finals next year
  9. Uncle, more than happy that we gave you the template for posting and you have managed to copy and improve upon that same template with your postings. I look forward to your further meanderings
  10. 9 straight years of holding up the tipping ladder on those broad shoulders
  11. Congrats to the Winners this round! Looks like Scea is heading for victory, despite all his computing power and tipping favorites every week, KhunWill looks to be 3 games too far behind... But Ozzydom is also 3 behind... Given the last round several teams have nothing to play for with their positions on the table fixed, we could see some MAJOR upsets and anyone's tipping to be won! Somehow, despite week after week of horrible tips, I am not last this year and Uncle Grumps is only one game away from passing me . At least i have some motivation for this week
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