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  1. Yo dude first of all I know my lesson and what’s wrong but after that you need to understand you can’t treat someone like he killed someone just for weed and make him look like <deleted> to everyone go to my position for weed or something small go to police station court idc and then to all the rest and tell me how’d you feel ok?
  2. I paid obviously taxes fees include and transportation but In airlines I’m treated like a criminal so that’s all from me sorry for that but f$ck Thailand and all their military government they’ll be empty the next few years corruption level is to maximum and this is killing everything next time in Asia somewhere else apart from Thailand never again. Thanks everyone once again I’m in Italy now bring escorted by police like criminal and waiting at waiting rooms
  3. So I’m out. Way to catch my flight iDC could be worst it was quite “organized” and I was in one of the most “diplomatic” rooms rules by Iranians I had no trouble no problems no issues nothing everyone was really nice cause everyone is just trying to go home my experience wasn’t as bad as I expected 2 hours of exercising every second day clean showers “markets” for snacks and stuff the food was obviously sh!t but I wasn’t expecting to have luxury service and stuff so I slept in the floor in a very light blanket I had a pillow my own and the most important things I needed toiletries and changing clothes towels and some books and my journal everyone like I previously said is in the same situation stuck there waiting to go home if you have money you leave if you don’t you stuck, people obviously see it in a very different point of view but for me Wasn’t as fcked as I want you wait for maybe cause I’m a big guy Aswell and they liked me I guess Safe waiting my flight in a few hours Like someone describe it Caged like animals it is kinda likes this if you stay there for 3-4 days looks like an eternity my journey came to an and thankfully
  4. Hello everyone I would like to share my story with you guys without being judged of what’s wrong and right cause I already know I’d love your help and your answers .. I’ve started my holidays from Greece I’m 25 yrs old student and part time barista at the same time I came in Thailand at 26 of November with 4 more fellas we went to koh Samui and then Phuket.. in Phuket we had the stupidest idea of buying marijuana from a street dealer and chill at the beach (Bangla road-patong) as soon as we bought it we went around chill and have a drink we wanted to go home but they were checkpoints everywhere they stopped us in Karon search us and found on me 3,18grams of marijuana they asked me for 80000baht but i couldn’t pay that amount cause it’s enormous they kept me 3 nights in the police station half a day at court I paid my bailout and I have to show up in court every 12 days for 48 in total so my last day is now in 28 of January and I’m freaking out cause I’ve heard people going to jail for that I’m not a regular user I know that doesn’t count but I’m an athlete that never been caught from police for something or do illegal <deleted> around I wonder if you guys actually know what’s going to happen with me cause I’m scared I don’t want to go to jail for marijuana and I know I’m brainless and stupid but I’d love to hear something positive ...btw I’m broke alone and freaked out ..
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