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  1. No, this is not how it should be constructed. If your soil is soggy you absolutely must pile for foundation, otherwise your house will sink at various corners by several cm over the years, resulting in a lot of cracks. Piling is not cheap but there is no way around it. Should you add a pool then pile the corners of the pool too. Many builders will tell you that piling is not necessary, well, they are wrong.
  2. Well, I'm glad you're not coming to visit us. Stay in your country where the government certainly has dealt with the pandemic in a much better way. How many cases? How many dead? Probably a thousand times higher than here in Thailand. Really tired of all those comments from people who know everything better. If you don't like how things are handled in this wonderful country - do not come to visit, or - go back to your home country if you live here.
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