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  1. Thanks UJ, I would think the same, I guess I'll go in the day after I get back with both passports and see what happens!
  2. I've seen similar topics but my situation is kind of unique (I think) so here goes.. Will be leaving the country on a brand new passport (which I'm picking up the day before I leave). I've cancelled my ED visa in my old passport, and will present both old and new when leaving the country. I'm coming back about a week later on the new passport (will be entering visa-exempt) and I'm wondering about the TM.30 situation. I'm going to be staying at the same address, so can I just take my old and new passport to immigration and have the TM.30 updated as usual? or will I need to get the initial forms etc from my landlord to start that whole process again? Thanks edit: I'm in Chiang Mai, if that's of any importance.
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