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  1. @theoldgitBut are the U.K. embassy issuing visas knowing the difficulties the Thai will have in getting back to Thailand - especially if there is a another full lockdown and second wave?
  2. In what sense don’t you like getting screwed? I would advise steering clear of Pattaya full stop if that’s the case .
  3. This is probably a huge long shot... I have been the step son of a Thai National for the past 11 years. Do you think there would be any chance of immigration classing me as a child of a Thai and granting me permission to enter this year.
  4. Maybe they will have to re think things totally. Finally set up a quarantine system which is bigger than few hotels . Set up testing on arrival. To be honest I think I’m clutching at straws but is it really feasible to have that many people out of work since March. I don’t know the figures but heard it’s 6 million unemployed in tourism sector at least ...
  5. If Thailand really has had no local transmission in around a month and all imported cases are being quarantined , how would a 2nd spread be possible? Isn’t he basically admitting that there is local transmission still occurring?
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