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  1. I am just trying to get data ahead as I have time before I retire. I spend 3 or 4 months several times over the last 2 decades and usually not in tourist areas. Im just trying to get ducks in a row in advance to make sure its viable
  2. Curious, close to the Cambodia border within reason. Building a home on wife's land. What are building costs like? For say a decent 3 bedroom home with AC and hot water. Decent living room and kitchen? Also, is there a general consensus on the cost of living in that area? Decent life style, nothing crazy. Money to party or travel a little when you want to, but not really doing on regular basis.... Maybe leaving room for 1 or 2 children? Probably 1 car/truck and a motorbike. Relaxed lifestyle... I'm not sure if there is much difference in the schooling from Thai schools to private
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