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  1. Write DLT into Google. Click on a first result.
  2. I didn't see the video. But on local roads it's very hard to let ambulance go first. Roads are narrow, full of traffic, cars parked on curbs, motorcycles everywhere... . Sometimes I have ambulance behind me with sirens on and I can't let it go/blocking it, because I have simply nowhere to go... .
  3. I would upgrade my Kawasaki KSR PRO 110 for Kawasaki Z125 if I had a chance. It looks cool and KSR is really beaten up. Currently I'm not interested in getting more big bikes. I'm sometimes thinking about selling my Z300, my ATV, my other 2 small bikes and going only car+one small bike.
  4. Your opinion very good CLEVER MUCH. Thank you for posting APPRECIATED.
  5. Yeah, but when he wakes up he will be faced with 30 Baht bill. Not 30 000 000 Baht bill.
  6. What about doing a quick run to Laos (which would cancel your current visa), ask for a new non-o visa there, come back and extend them based on age?
  7. What car do you drive in Thailand? Just last week I bought my first car (ever), Toyota Hilux Vigo 2015. Diesel, manual, 110 000 Km for 430 000 Baht. I'm quiet happy with it so far. What about others?
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