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  1. Man, in the IT field 5 years is at least 5 generations, even though things may slow down now.
  2. If the laptop has a camera, you just re-take the pics from your phone's screen. T.I.T
  3. On line it takes 5 minutes, add another 5 to 10 minutes if you want to keep your paperwork tidy. So, I don't get it ?..
  4. Neither do I, I got i all done by email and EMS for the signature. This 2021 mate, not 1970.
  5. Isaan Lawyer in Korat, Sebastien is a fully bilingual French Canadian. I am their happy customer.
  6. Maybe you could enlighten us by indicating which age groups should not be out at 12:30. I am a bit worried because I love tuktuking back to my hotel younger sexy looking girls, most of the time well after 12:30.
  7. I can't even stand a sham opposition, and yet he pretends to be the leader of the "Thai style" democracy.
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