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  1. And how could she prove that? This is why I am disturbed by most of these sexual abuse cases where the burden of proof becomes a totally abstract concept.These days, if you were a "healthy male" and are famous and rich, your are in danger of ending up in the slammer.
  2. I agree. And while Thailand has been doing great in handling the Pandemic, the Government is making a dreadful error when they refuse to accept the fact that there can't be any international tourism for at least another year. When they are pretending to take measures to restart tourism they are only dodging their main duty, which right now is to take care of the masses the Pandemic has put out of work.
  3. Just stay, your wife will probably be happier here. Just get a good health insurance, if you are not too old to get one. If you don't have kids a pension of 5000 USD/month gives you a fairly decent life here, while you'd only scrape by with that in Farangland. Just imagine penny pinching in the cold with a frustrated Thai lady. Ok, that's not always the case as it depends on your level of income and on whether her level of education is sufficient to start a successful career in Canada.
  4. I must have been wrong that the median age of the TV population was around 65. Unless there was there something like a collective death wish. I am only trying to understand why so many here want the infectious masses to return, to destroy the greatest gift Thailand has given us so far.
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