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  1. Vaccination yes, but they need vaccines that are still effective against the variants. So they need 100 million doses of Pfizer or Moderna, as well as 25000 registered nurses to give the shots.
  2. "good vaccines"? obviously the good doctor doesn't think much of whatever vaccines are being given to Thai folks right now and for the next 120 days. I'd share the view that the only suitable light to get to the top would be 100 million doses of Pfizer and or Moderna.
  3. Isn't this putting the cart in front of the oxes. Just ask the central bank to lower interest rates, increase in money supply will have all sorts of other beneficial effects as well. But by now we should all know that these army clowns have only a very vague idea of what they are doing.
  4. They can't even say clearly what they try to achieve; an alternative to the current ASQ (AASQ)? or attract genuine holiday makers who want to have a good time and return home after a few weeks? If it is the latter, only idiots would come if they would have to wear masks outdoors and be unable to dine with a good bottle of wine or a cold gold after a hot day at the beach. Now, maybe the Chinese would be less demanding as long as they are allowed to take off their masks for selfies.
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