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  1. So people on "Thai wife" extensions who don't have a work permit won't be allowed in. Why does one need to have a work permit to take care of one's family?
  2. Even though, I can see some benefits in being in Thailand in the time of COVID, I regret to say that a statement like this one disqualifies you to post here.
  3. Sorry mate, couldn't find the LOL/Thanks button.
  4. @JackThompson Don't understand your lengthy tirade. I and, I bet, many others here, have been getting "Thai Wife" extensions, year in, year out, without any issue.
  5. When I see that restaurant in thee video, I feel like I'll be better off enjoying my wife's delicious Thai, Western, Indian and Mexican food at home. I won't spend any money on a restaurant where I have to wear a mask. There are limits.
  6. My guess is that you don't have children and never have known your parents. And in most (civilised) countries on the planet people married to a local and having kids would have been naturalised. Hence allowed in and quarantine 14 days. End of discussion as far as I am concerned.
  7. Things are getting worse, we must extend all restrictions and curfew as students may be led to believe they can take the streets safely.
  8. Keep up the good works kids, you are this country's only hope.
  9. Oooh excrement! Yet another outbreak, 3 more months of domestic travel restrictions..
  10. I like the "Exorbident" American spelling. And I don't believe that the current required are exorbitant. But they are so poorly implement that they become a lose/lose feature. Don't see why COVID should cause long term changes to long term visa rules? Short term issues have been handled rather elegantly by T.I. I'd prefer they don't touch anything in their system as they totally lack "Business Process" skills and consistently mess up the implementation of legitimate new requirements.
  11. Maybe someone confused end of year bribes with lease payments?
  12. Don't fly. Thai airways down, A380 down, .. The list will be long. I know COVID was just the nail in the coffin for some but there will be a glut in the market for second hand long haul airliners and cruise ships.
  13. Well, the Vietnamese tend to be good engineers, while the Thais are.. Thais. "Mai pen rai".
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