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  1. With one hand the government is buzy to make small entry visa for high spenders, which maybe will not work at all, with the other hand they are buzy to kick a lot of middle spenders, covid free farrangs, out of the country, spenders which are sure income for Thailand. But the government do not seems to have any concerns about the money they are going to lose. Nobody outside the government/IM know the exact numbers of farrangs who must leave the country before 26 september. I was making a little calculation, without any proof of the numbers. If around 50.000 farrangs had to leave Thailand before 26 september, they use around 30000 baht or more every month the the country will lose 180,000,000,000 baht a year. This calculation is very unsafe but maybe there is some political signal in this, the government do not want the long stayers, which live here permanent like a sort of residents, they are ready to pay this price to get them out of the country. One thing is the many farrangs they are kicking out now, the other thing is reputation the country will get between farrangs, I mean, many people will begin to talk, do not go to live in Thailand. There is a lot of other countries in tropic areas with low living costs like Thailand, who offers better retirement conditions. Thailand had historical reasons to be a place where many retirements where looking/going to, but with a bad reputation, this is going to be washed away. Many thai woman where before Covid going out in the world for work/marriage, later they normally went back to thailand with a farrang and his income/money, under the covid this traffic is stopped, and the new money from this is stopped, will it start again or will it reach the same numbers as before, I am not sure.
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