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  1. FOREIGNERS WHO DON'T PAY HOSPITAL BILLS.. I don't understand who these foreigners are, and how they avoid paying the hospital bill.. I've lived and worked, and now retired, in Thailand for over 30 years, and brought up a large Thai/Farang family. My children all born here at wonderful Thai hospitals, fully paid by yours truly.. I have also been hospitalized for a serious kidney operation, cancer, and heart attack.. again fully paid for by myself. Anytime I or my family needed to see a doctor, or have some checkups at the hospital, I was asked for my credit card to update details
  2. Brass monkey weather here.. Too cold for old bones.. but nice and warm in bed, and lovely cold evenings by the open fire outside under the stars.. 8c early this morning here, in Kusuman, Sakon Nakhon province..
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