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  1. His point was that 80% of the passengers on the plane to get back to Thailand will not have been tested - because Thai's are exempt from getting tested.
  2. Teflon Thailand (as it's often called) may well achieve growth when this pandemic is over. China's economy is growing, thus Thailand's major market (although ethically and morally this would be horrendous) may well come back. One thing for sure European numbers will be down.
  3. The system of non refundable flights, also encourages people with symptoms to go ahead with the flight. For example, a Thai youngster on a repatriation flight, may develop a fever and a onset of a cough few days before the flight. He never had to take a test as that's the rules. He thinks of taking a test, but is worried about losing the flight so he takes his chances and goes.
  4. The irony being, the hotel i spoke today say they need the repatriation flight confirmation !
  5. Even more bizarre - because by all accounts if the Thai repatriated citizen gets Covid from someone on the flight, it's the Thai state paying for treatment.
  6. 1) As a non Thai, who has to get tested 72 hours before the flight, you would have to research that the Thai you may be sitting next to did not have to go through a test. Most would assume everyone went through the testing process. 2) It's also a risk to fellow Thai's on that flight. 3) There are risks in everything, but surely a responsible decision would be to mitigate certain risks. A test for EVERYONE 72 hours beforehand would not catch everyone with the virus, but it would catch some. Those people can then take the next flight when they are recovered.
  7. If you were another passenger on the plane. That's the problem.
  8. So about 18% of the population? That's not really much of a fringe group.
  9. These repatriation flights are getting riskier and riskier. It's criminal that they are not getting Thai's tested before boarding. Yet expect foreigners on the same flight to test. If you live in Europe, or the USA, you can afford a test, just to give some extra layer of protection to the quarantine.
  10. Yes have recipients bank details. Do i need to mess around with ID?
  11. I have a bill from a Thailand education authority i have to pay. It's for around 20,000 Baht. Sitting infront of my laptop, what are the easiest ways to send money? Do i need to mess around with I.D. and sending information? Looking for something quick and easy. May send funds from my credit card for some protection.
  12. Does the UK have ample access to drugs like Remdesvir ? I know the US bought up alot of stocks, and the EU has paid massively over the odds to secure some 30,000 doses. I was suprised they could only secure such a low amount. The UK response has been a fiasco throughout this, especially when they had the debacle of securing PPE for health workers. It wouldn't surprise me if they had little to none of this medication, and are too late to the party. Once again the media aren't really pushing the government on these tough questions.
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