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  1. Don't expect the masses to return for a year or two Assuming there are no second/third waves etc I noticed ,since restaurants properly re-opened, customers are thin on the ground. ..and these are thais refusing to visit and eat at places they are very familiar with, in their own country.
  2. Let me guess...the plan envisages TG keeping most of its staff Lmao
  3. This <deleted>show will end up with Thai being sold to some prestige-seeking $ucker for 1 baht plus some of the debt and a reduced work-farce Still unlikely the company will turn any profit for the next few years. I wouldn't touch it with a 1000-ft pole if I was an investor
  4. Wait for the compulsory vaccinations.. ..and no visa if you haven't taken it.
  5. You can't promote a product if you are in the middle of a bankruptcy procedure
  6. Anyone knows from where and how this contraband arrives here? Just curious because it's been around for many years irrespective of govts and crackdowns
  7. Hot and dry here in coastal Songkla Zero rain from the SW monsoon as yet.
  8. If Perfesser Anusorn was PM, Thailand would probably be bankrupt. This being said, Thailand needs some kind of safety net for the poor...even if it is just food coupons.
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