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  1. He's out of his tree allowing Dirty Farang back into such a spotlessly clean Kingdom.
  2. Wonder if I can travel inter provence on a motorbike from Phuket to Chiang Mai over a 3 week period.???
  3. This what happens living in Thailand under a DICTATORSHIP. If you don't like it leave as I did 18 months ago.
  4. Thailand was once a great Kingdom, now just a Circus run by the Cicus Clowns
  5. Lean to cabin style home in Timber won't last long in Thailand termites will eat it in two years.
  6. Should have Headlined DIRTY FARANGS having communal bath at illegal bathhouse.
  7. Would you buy a Used Car from any Thai officials
  8. They only want big spending tourists, not dirty Farang who are sick of paying inflated Farang prices.
  9. I ask why are Migrant workers doing this work with so many Thais on the poverty line?? Thai men far too lazy to do a menial task such as working to support their Family. Grrrr!
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