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  1. Also wondering. So you think that it's a great idea to let Thai do all the wrong things that they want and then live in a village that look like a dump ? I guess that you just rent ?
  2. hello, I am trying to know more about some leasehold houses to "buy". What is the reason for anyone to pay for lease upfront when they will never be the owner of the house ? It seems that lease are cheaper, but for 1 million more you can often buy a house somewhere else. Apart from staying in the property 30 years, is there any other advantage of leasehold ? I found some villages where it is not possible to really buy a house, only leasehold is possible, can you explain me why ? Leasehold means paying in advance the rent for the 30 next years, then we have to pay again after 30 years ? is it correct ? I am new to this concept so maybe I did not understand well, please help me ! Thanks a lot.
  3. hello, I want to visit villages and houses to rent / buy near the new motorway Bangkok pattaya utapao. Do you know some villages or locations near the utapao motorway exits ? Any area is developing ? Any constructions ? If you have villages names or locations please help me I found these 2 maps and will check around the motorway exits, but it's not easy as the area is huge.
  4. hello, if i wanted to rent / buy a house near the new motorway to Utapao, do you have names and/or locations of villages where to look ? or areas ? Thank you so much for your help.
  5. hello, I am looking for a house in Bowin area but it seems hard to find ? do you know which websites have some offers ? Maybe most people who work at Bowin stay around Sriracha / Laemchabang / Pattaya ? what do you think ? It's a bit boring to drive 40+ kms each way daily to go to work. As I am looking for a house to rent and don't seem to find one easily, I am wondering if it could be an investment opportunity for the future ? I have found 1 or 2 new villages but they only sell and the villages are not yet finished, so maybe it could be interesting to buy a house and rent it to others when i don't need it anymore ? Or maybe it's only me and people prefer to drive to Sriracha or Pattaya everyday after work ? (what about trafic in this area ?) Bowin is developing and if more people work there, they will need to stay somewhere, and i don't see many condos / apartments also. Please help me to think
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