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  1. You're 20,000 down and you will remain 20,000 down. No refunds possible here. Get a police colonel as a good friend, so much of a good friend that you can phone him up next to you encounter a 'dragnet'. If you have been here since the eighties, you know this and don't need dudes on Thaivisa to tell you this.
  2. @bkkpro Don't over worry about the salary, worry about the English-fluent employee leaving after 3 and a half months along with your clients. Don't over think about the salary, think about the total cost of the annual remuneration package including bonus, housing allowance, travel allowance, etc. Don't overly concern yourself about the salary, concern yourself about protecting your business model, so that if somebody (you trained) sets up a clone company, you can shut them down.
  3. Because the victims have no status. Had he done this to a senior civil servant, the outcome would have been worse. Status of the people involved is key to determining outcomes in judicial cases in Thailand.
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