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  1. And while you're at it, move provinces to really shake them off your tail.
  2. Briggsy


    There have been significant numbers of Russians in Pattaya / Jomtien for the last 15 years. Have you just noticed? Where have you been?
  3. Zero. It is about tax breaks, the local balance of available skills and labour cost, a country track record of having long-term industrial success, infrastructure and geopolitical economic strategy (soft power).
  4. There's actually very little detail in the article regarding what the Healthy Prison Route entails. I am fairly confident that having the lights on 24 hours a day in the cells as is the policy in Thai prisons is unhealthy. That is just one example. Does it include regular TB testing, another chronic health problem in Thai jails? What about nutrition? Vocational training? The list goes on. All we get in the article is that there may be yoga instruction and as always with these policy announcements, an unexplained slogan.
  5. Yes, you are correct, it would be in a developed nation. Here police investigations are "led by the desired outcome" rather than "evidence-led" so if the cops say it was elephants, it was elephants. That's the way it is.
  6. @Neeranam I empathise. Solutions 1. Prime your family to act in concert with your wishes and ability. It could be as simple as turning to you and saying to you in Thai, "what do you think". Or just an open hand gesture referring the question to you. 2. Upon being addressed in pidgin English, say in your best Thai, I'm sorry I don't understand, can you speak Slovak? Watch the wheels turn. 3. As above, but ask the pidgin speaker where he / she comes from and how long they have lived in Thailand. After receiving the reply, complement them on how good their Thai is. 4. Avoid mass tourism areas. 5. Be thankful you are not in China where people will just shout at you in Chinese for minutes irrespective of your language abilities. Think about it, Thailand could be a lot worse.
  7. The Nationalist Socialist German Workers' Party lost. The Chinese Communist Party endures to this day. The Holocaust deaths primarily occurred in camps. The Great Leap Forward and ensuing famine deaths mainly occurred in villages throughout the length and breadth of China. The Jews were put to death with gassing being the notoriously well-known method. The Chinese were simply starved and deprived of any medical care. I take your point though. There are a number of books detailing the era in China. Hungry Ghosts is perhaps the most well-known.
  8. I would say pretty good. But there is also a good chance they might be unreliable or even worse they damage your furniture or property. It's a lottery but vet (no pun intended) applicants well.
  9. Not particularly. Coulter actually really wants a wall and every other tool in the box to reverse the current demographic trend and delay the day whites become a minority in the U.S. (by 2054 currently). Trump, on the other hand, wants simply to prolong the fight over the wall for as long as possible. If it is actually built, he loses his raison d'etre and loses his angry base. Coulter is simply impatient Trump has not gone completely Jim Crow along with a whites only immigration policy. In summary, she is not challenging him, just simply trying to influence policy.
  10. Briggsy

    ว= v

    @tgeezer Your above argument falls down because Thai has kept many of the Sanskrit spellings in its own language which are redundant in Thai. This is in contrast to Lao which has removed them. สุภาษิต ສຸພາສິດ I reiterate it is just a system of spelling of names which maintains Sanskrit --> Roman transliteration rather than Thai --> Roman transliteration.
  11. Without the now ripped-up plea deal, sentencing guidelines for Manafort are now 24 - 30 years.
  12. Happened to me. I reported 28 hours later without any issue. Having said that, Jomtien have verbally told me any time within 3 days is acceptable.
  13. They and I were going to the airport. What is the noun you have omitted after Pakistani's?
  14. I remember being on a bus in Hong Kong when 2 Pakistanis came on and sat 2 seats away from me. The smell was so overpowering. I couldn't take it. I felt like a competitor on "Endurance".
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