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  1. Thank you, After a bit of research i have found GH bank do offer what i might be looking for... https://www.ghbank.co.th/product-detail/thaipeople-living-abroad-q-3-4
  2. As per the title really, I am a half Thai (with Thai ID card/passport), working in the UK into a UK bank account (albeit remotely). I am wondering if anyone knows a Thai lender who would take into account my income from my UK accounts/credit score. As things stand I don't really have any kind of credit rating in Thailand, and I wouldn't want to ask anyone to be a guarantor. I'm looking to purchase either a house or condo. Failing that, would there be any way to build some kind of credit history or income history that the lenders would recognise? ie transferring a set am
  3. If you were to land in Bangkok on a Monday, your official day 1 of quarantine would start on the Tuesday. As for being able to use facilities, I believe this is possible for some ASQ hotels after your second negative test - I stayed in SQ and wasn't allowed to leave my room at all for the whole duration other than to be COVID tested.
  4. Because your Mum is Thai then you are automatically seen as a Thai citizen, you just need the paperwork to prove it. You need to go to your local embassy to obtain a Thai birth certificate firstly. I have recently done this process, you can check my post history to see what's involved. Good luck
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