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  1. Hey all, Seeking general consensus , as to whether most modern car owners here go for undercarriage anti rust coating by external vendors ? Not sure about the standard of most modern car manufacturers these days , esp the ones made in Thailand (eg. Honda, Toyota) . I've had ownership of my 2019 Honda civic for less than a year now, and wondering if it would be a good decision to go for such anti rust coating by external vendors ? I dont think my Honda dealer threw in that value add service when I ordered the car. I'm pretty sure other car manufacturers in other parts of the world does some kind of electron treatment to the bodies and chassis of the car during the manufacturing process. But not sure about the ones made here in Thailand. Especially with the rainy season and floods in most part of the country during the rainy season, rust may be a big concern perhaps , especially if planning to keep the car in the long term ? Let me hear your thoughts on this please cheers
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