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  1. What they need to ban is all the freelancers on my LINE suddenly getting in touch with me again.
  2. Those apartment towers with pretentious names will be a monument to the folly of wasting decades of tourist income. I would not like to visit a country with mass unemployment, hungry dogs/monkeys and the russian roulette of catching the virus on the flight to/from there. My time there in February was pretty bad and I still have the chest infection from the PM 2.5's.
  3. The clowns in the Thai government are almost as the clowns in Downing Street. I imagine air pollution is making things worse in Thailand. I got a cough in Bangkok and it's not gone over a month later. Who knows if it is/was covid - Heathrow gave zero <deleted>'s about my having previously been in China.
  4. I'm almost certain the UK will be the worst affected developed nation in the world. I flew back from China via Thailand into Heathrow in February and zero <deleted> were given about me. But the gigantic error was allowing all those planes in from Spain and Italy. We have a younger population than Italy, but we have many more people with underlying health issues and a worse health service. Actually this underlying health issues narrative is <deleted> because all it's doing is making young people think that they can shake this off whereas many have needed hospital treatment too.
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