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  1. UPDATE: Unbelievably, Nok Air have confirmed they cannot get me on the flight I booked as it is cancelled. Offered an alternative flight which leaves ten hours earlier and I cannot make it. Offered another flight from an alternative airport which means I'd have to stump up 6000 Baht for a private speedboat to get there in time. So I have to travel with Air Asia to get to my alternative flight and to Bangkok, and onwards to fly back to the UK. Nok Air REFUSE to refund me. They acknowledge they have cancelled the flight I have paid for, but refuse to give me my money back. Anyone have any suggestions? how to reach their CEO? Or the Thai Aviation authorities? Or how I might complaint to 7-11 management? They are the ones I paid for this flight (No kAir allow you to pay at 7-11).
  2. Have a flight booked with this <snip> airline for June 2nd. They cancelled the flight, so I have had to book with Air Asia. They acknowledge they have taken the damn flight off their schedule and cannot now guarantee my ticket, but they ask for me to wait until "the week before and check back." I explained I am not prepared to wait until one week before, to find out they are not flying, then have to pay much more for a flight with Air Asia, and also my onward international travel to the UK. Now they are telling me I can have a "voucher" for use in the next 365 days, despite my flying back to the UK and not coming back to Thailand, and that "they would not refund me even of the flight was cancelled." <snip>
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