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  1. Billions with an S is kind of ridiculous but a conservative estimate could see the number in the upper millions if we change the $ to a ฿. How much can one make working online, 30,000? That's 360 kilobaht a year. If just 5% of retirees do this, that could be a ฿1.4 billion annual revenue stream.
  2. Is this 'authorities closing in' based on something or just idle speculation? Seems ridiculous for immigration to care about this. It's money coming into the country.
  3. I sort of expected to see a sticky at the top of the forum detailing all the temporary covid-related changes we'll encounter when we visit immigration. Seeing no such discussion, let me ask: Aside from duct tape on every other seat and tourist extensions being done at Muang Thong Thani, Is it basically business as usual at CW? Is it still an all-day wait to get a retirement extension or are they rubber-stamping everything to get people in and out AFAP? I'm planning to go some time during the week of April 6th. Thanks.
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