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  1. You can do the TM 30 now - I had also never done a TM30 Before and I did it way to late - 10 days before my 90 day stamp expired without any problems. I did not have and was not asked about Kor Ror 2, family photo had to be printed on paper and signed by me & my wife. Your wife have to go with you - I guess thats proof enough that you still are married, but I can't confirm it... You can apply maximum 15 days before you last entry stamp expires btw and YES you will gett April 26. + 60 when you apply - early or not... Here I found a photo of the list of requirements I got from Samui IO - hope this helps...
  2. I did this a couple of weeks ago and this is the paperwork needed: - TM 7 Form - STM 2 - You get these 2 at IO - The regular passport copys - Copy marrige certificate - Copy ID card from wife - Family photo - Copy household (taibaan) registration of wife - Notification residence (TM 30) Printed on paper - Rental contract of your house - copy household (taibaan) registration of your current adress - Copy ID card of landlord/owner - Copy household (taibaan) registration of your landlord/owner's adress Thats all, I was missing some of these papers and got refused to apply. I had to go back - they was very strict about the TM 30! Just make a user and register TM 30 in your landlords name/info/ID card online like I did - tell your landlord first offcourse and do it on behalf on him/she. If your the owner then you do it with your info - have your wife with you as most is in thai luanguage, its done in 10 minute... & good luck! This was at Koh Samui IO btw
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