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  1. Just managed to register myself for the vaccine, via online, no problems at all. Was very easy and straight forward. Just received a confirmation email that my registration was successful stating that they will contact me when I am due, atm no queue number or whatsoever. Just did a quick check at the website with my passport number, there was no results. So just wait and drink tea.


  2. 4 hours ago, pixelaoffy said:

    Only in the racist kingdom would someone be turned away from  a vaccine place because they are 'foreign'




    Haha, you will be surprised, Oz don't even allow their own citizen, from a certain country, to come back to Oz, if they do, they will be fined and jailed. My thoughts are, (just my thoughts) maybe they are considered 2nd class citizens.


  3. On 5/4/2021 at 12:39 PM, OneMoreFarang said:

    Thanks for all your replies.

    When I understand this correct then it seems depending on the contract it might be that the seller has to pay a commission to the agent even if the agent was not involved with the person who actually buys the unit.

    That's what I wanted to know. If the seller actually pays or not is up to the seller. As far as I am concerned the seller should act according to the contract he signed.



    It is not my intention to cut anybody out of the loop. If I never talked to any agent and I don't have the information from the website of an agent then the agent was never involved - and not cut out of the loop.

    I know an agent who is very active in the building were I currently live. Somehow she seems to think everything that is sold in that building has to be her business. But that is obviously BS. As far as I see it she is only involved if the seller or the buyer signed an exclusive contract with her. If the seller and buyer meet without her why should she get a commission?


    If I were you, I would personally walk into that building that you are interested in,  talk to the management,  ask whatever questions you would like to know and than tell them that you are interested in buying a condo in  that building,  there is a very good chance that they will tell you that there are heaps of apartments available, go and have a look ask for the price,  if you like it make them an offer,  the owner will  definitely give you a counter offer  (doesn't matter what price you gave), if you are happy you buy,  if not just tell the management that this is not your price expectations but you are still interested in buying and if they come across another room that is available,  they will contact you. It always work,  that's my experience and the agent's fees and all that,  I have never worried about it except the net price that I am willing to pay. Best of luck. 


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  4. 1 hour ago, wwest5829 said:

    at your age, it may be worthwhile for you. Since you ask why some say it is not worth it, let me explain why it is useless for myself. First, I am 74 with pre-existing heart issues. So, insurance companies will not cover my greatest risk. At my age the premiums, without covering the pre-existing conditions is out of my ability to pay so ... I and others opt for the 200,000 baht deductible. Given the above the annual premium is 11,400 baht. I rationalize it as an additional tax to be allowed to stay retired in Thailand as a retired working middle class US citizen (you understand, I cannot afford to live in my own country so I came to a lower cost country). There may be other Thai Visa Retirement options but Covid blocked some of the options.

    Hi,  can you please share with what insurance company are you with fit your 200K deductible. 

    Thanks in advance 


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  5. 4 hours ago, ubonjoe said:

    It will start on March 2nd.

    Hi ubonjoe,

    Can you please help me out.

    I need to extend my Elite visa for the first time, wondering if you can point out to me what are the necessary steps I need to take and what kind of documents I need to prepare.

    Anyone who has done the extension feel free to put in the information too.

    Thank you in advance.






  6. 2 hours ago, FalangTingTong said:


    I just checked and it doesn't look like that's an option at this time, in fact for cases where you really need to prove the money is from abroad then TransferWise recommends you do a SWIFT transfer and just eat the fees:





    Which kinda makes sense, since their whole business model is based on not actually moving the money across borders.


    It'd be great if they would just have a one-click option but AFAICT that's not the case right now. 



  7. 1 hour ago, MajorTom said:

    Can you get the 20 year SE for 1 mill if you are a new member?

    I have 2 friends thats currently on the 5 year elite visa for 500K, and they both have plans to renew it. 

    I asked why didnt you get the SE 20 year one for 1 mil? They claim its not possible do get one from scratch, it can only be obtained after you have done a 5 year EA membership? I disagree. Which is it?

    Not true, you can get the SE 20yrs, from your initial application.


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