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  1. I hope the people of Thailand have used this as a wakeup call – as a nation, they need tourists to thrive and survive with longevity. One would hope that they would now begin to treat foreigners like people, and not as suspected criminals who need to be monitored like an aggressive form of cancer.
  2. I could not think of 2 worse governments to build a reliable high-speed rail system.
  3. Yes, with a virus that has an incubation period of up to 14 days. Great methodology
  4. Might be true, it might be due to vitamin D via the sun, it might be due to multiple factors. However that is not the point. The point is that the virus was allowed to have the chance to enter, a virus that scientists and the world knew barely anything about. Initially CFR's were between 6%-10%, and all we had were scary images and footage coming out of China. But, the Thai government didn't do anything within those 2 months to prevent the spread. In fact, they were clinging onto Chinese tourist capital, they were begging them to enter. Thailand got lucky, extremely lucky. If this was virus wa
  5. Please, do tell of your experience crossing the border. The fact that you were able to cross a land border in early February proves my point. Thailand saw it's first case on January 13th, the world knew almost nothing about this highly infectious virus, and death rates were initially pegged at 6-10%. Yet, Thailand let it borders remain open until April 4th, almost 4 months after their initial infection. I heard about COVID way back at the start of January and watched videos and content coming out of China. People were fainting on the streets, hospitals were rammed, and the world only knew
  6. You must have a short memory. How old are you? Thailand was stubborn to close its borders, they were allowing in Chinese tourists (80,000 from Wuhan alone though from Jan - Feb) while other SE Asian nations closed. Malaysia as example closed their schools and borders, Thailand remained open. Thais barely wore masks until late February. Again, I remember things crystal clear. In fact, you can even check this online, I quote: On 13 January, the Ministry of Public Health announced the first confirmed case, a 61-year-old Chinese woman who is a resident of Wuhan Thailand's second case
  7. Ignorant viewpoint. Americans need to pay tax back to the US wherever the are in the world. Heck, even people who are not a US national, yet move to the US and become part of an organisation, will need to pay tax back to the US if they move overseas. Yet the US cannot seem to muster enough for free medical care (those F15s and missiles cost a pretty penny, but that is a story for another day). Many other nations such as the UK do not require that their citizens pay tax back to their homeland if they work overseas; do your research.
  8. It's mainly elderly folk who fail to grasp the notion that digital nomads bring money into the Thai economy. Like with any sector of life, you will have tiers of value - digital nomads are no different. There will be those earn a tiny amount, maybe enough to barely get by, all the way up to those earning millions monthly, and everything else in between. Stating that digital nomads are a bad thing for Thailand, is like saying any sector of work or income is bad for Thailand - it's moronic. Those who state this are either ignorant (wilfully or not) or simply lying.
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