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  1. My 30 year old neighbour still cannot breathe properly, and she has only really regained the ability to walk
  2. and yesterday people were slating me for pointing out that there are more virulent strains out there. I repeat, Thailand hasn't had it's full on pandemic yet
  3. and yesterday people were slating me for pointing out that there are more virulent strains out there. I repeat, Thailand hasn't had it's full on pandemic yet
  4. A big part of getting very ill or not happens to be the viral load. If have a large dose of the virus your body will have trouble dealing with it whatever your immune system is like. The worst incident is where you take in a huge dose via the air into the depths of your lungs and alveoli sacs, which leads to severe pneumonia
  5. wow they've moved up from handing out paracetamol to codeine?
  6. There is an annual flu vaccine, influenza mutates all of the time. Nobody said there was a vaccine for HIV
  7. HIV? HPV? Some viruses never die out and remain within society. The Chinese have tested a vaccine and are now trialing it on 2 million military soldiers, supposedly. The Oxford group have a working vaccine where they have created proteins that mimic the formation of the virus, that trick the body into creating antibodies. It apparently works but they are testing it's safety on humans as we speak.
  8. please do https://www.scripps.edu/news-and-events/press-room/2020/20200612-choe-farzan-coronavirus-spike-mutation.html https://www.scripps.edu/news-and-events/press-room/2020/20200611-choe-farzan-sars-cov-2-spike-protein.html
  9. That's not what I am suggesting, just saying it's inevitable. Thailand WILL see a rise in infections domestically when the borders open, it needs to deal with them accordingly. That will be the real test. Life will not return to normality until a vaccine is readily available
  10. The strain mutation that occurred in Europe hasn't had a chance to spread within Thailands borders, because Thailand locked down before it was able to. When the borders open to tourists it's inevitable there will be domestic infections, that's just the reality of a virus with this incubation period. https://nextstrain.org/ncov/global
  11. Thailands pandemic has yet to start, once the borders open and an influx of the more virulent strain are brought in, things will start to unravel
  12. But they do work, mainly to stop people from spreading it as apposed to stopping you from catching it
  13. what a farce, I understand wanting to be cautious but this is the wrong way to go about things. If you open the borders you WILL get infections whatever you do. The trick is to handle the infections properly, track, trace and test. When discovering an outbreak, clean and lockdown that area, and if possible contact people who have been in that area. Make sure everybody wears a mask and practices common sense and hygiene. In doing this you can open up businesses and minimise spread rate. This isn't something Thailand can do though thinking about it, it beyond them. Then again, my homeland England is ballsing things right up
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