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  1. town with infrastructure already in place on the beach. It'll recover just fine...if the governments quit the tyranny game of control. if they don't. People will move and live here, not just visit. Beach front area's do not stay empty.
  2. Don't let facts get in the way of creating good, wholesome biased storylines.
  3. Media coverage with a racist bias agenda. Its known as gaslighting their citizens. And you know what they don't report? Items like last night when a delivery truck of Beer and water had a stack of full pallets weighing several hundred kilos fall off the truck lift 2.5 meters into the crowded street onto a few passerbies, and a couple falang rush in to help clear the busy street and get the now empty pallets back onto the truck. I did not see any thai vs falang. Granted, I may or may not have seen a few old falang on all fours sipping the Chang beer puddles after.
  4. If I didn't like all the people's here so much, I'd go take a leasurely walk videoing in Pattaya and it would show about 50% of all people "flouting" at all times out doors.
  5. Media coverage with a racist bias agenda. Its known as gaslighting. I can spend 3 minutes outside and find 20 Thais with mask off/ under chin, sitting in groups drinking. 2 things can remain true at once though. This guy is obviously has little manners and a bad attitude.
  6. Abroad: Dear smart and wonderful Foreigners, please share with us those amazing vaccines you've invented. At home: Dear Foreigners, there will be no vax for you! you undeserving dirty little people.
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