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  1. One is not exclusive of the other. Two different topics. But agree expats should be addressed BEFORE them letting in special new tourists as they are now.
  2. Like anything, buyer beware and know how to look under the hood. and remember, it's a form of retail, so eventually you need to know when to pivot after life cycles slow slow or. die.
  3. spend money in multi unit investment property if real estate investing is your gig. Not single family housing. Especially where you can never own it. FYI, about $35,000 usd can buy you online ecom stores generating $2500/mn profits. I'd put my money there.
  4. Time to rotate again it sounds like.... things like Kill, and look at your decapitated wang in my hand are clear relocation signals lol
  5. Since over 80% of divorces in the US are female initiated, I don't think it's only Thai women with something extra on the side.
  6. I assume it's a little? more complicated to working out a long term (trial) live in relationship, no?
  7. Also sounds much simpler to begin these types of 'arranged relationships' than the tedious game back in the states.
  8. I don't paint the picture bad or good. Whatever makes people happy. And if both parties are happy....well thats a huge success. I'm just fascinated by an outside the box arrangement by western standards. I would expect though at at like 2 years or so feelings happen and it becomes more traditional if still in agreement, or leads towards marriage and kids?
  9. I was quite curious if, or when, these agreements morphed into a traditional relationship.
  10. Did you forget a word? Yes, I always found it odd that the sex I paid for was always better than the sex I was WITHHELD for love. Makes it less odd
  11. I had a short, little, balding friend in college who was loaded money wise. Even bought himself a club in a major college city. Someone tried to insult him by saying the girls. were only with. him for his money. He didn't mind at all. HIs thought process, which is valid, was "Hey, they are with Tom cause he's good looking, Brian because he plays football, Jack cause he's funny. My thing is money. At least my thing isn't gonna fade. And I seem to be doing just a bit better than any of them in the woman department." So, yeah, who cares why if she always answers when she is suppo
  12. What they are doing in Jomtien: They required us to go in on OCt 16th. Took her passport and said come back monday.On monday, they stamped her for OCT 31, and said we will have to come back OCT 29 for our November stamp. Despite what SHOULD have been given (the November 30 stamp).So, instead of one visit for one stamp, I'm having to go to immigration office once a week.
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