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  1. Govt should be buying all the vaccines. Jeez, I thought Yorkshire folk were tight...
  2. At least the pubs are shut. Wont stop them partying at home.
  3. I also remember the posts about excess deaths due to viral pneumonia, and also the large drop in road deaths during the first "lockdown".
  4. I read last night, they were expanding to 1000 beds, & patients already moving in. I
  5. The hospitals are filling up with people testing positive, but not sick. They have to change this policy pdq.
  6. From UK Guardian newspaper: "Indonesia has banned land, air, water and rail travel during the Eid al-Fitr celebrations from 6 May to 17 to curb Covid transmission, a spokeswoman for its transport ministry has said." Here, no restrictions on travel for Songkran
  7. And the north is full of southerners, enjoying the quality of life & how much further their cash goes
  8. I doubt we'll experience a serious "wave" of cases, but it's the over reactions after the event I'm fed up with. The rest of the country will suffer "lockdown restrictions" & school closures as a result of this. <deleted> stay in your local area for the holiday period! A repeat of NY is on it's way
  9. When I read the headline, I thought they'd run out of gin to mix with the tonic
  10. If they'd published this yesterday, would've been correct, but storms last night changed everything
  11. I don't believe that those in charge want foreign tourists back until the pandemic is over. Looks like they're going through the motions to keep the tourism industry hopeful.
  12. Police should be working on blocking inter provincial travel.
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