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  1. I'm one of those ignoring the QR code. Can't believe how many foreigners on TV are going along with this BS
  2. How do you think they set up morning markets? Does the produce get beamed in by Scotty on the Enterprise? If the curfew is necessary, best to set the hours to stop people partying late at night.
  3. Throw away bags available on Lazada. Very cheap if you get them sent from China.
  4. Walked into my local Makro today. The security guard checked my temperature, Lot's of QR signs left & right. Just kept walking. No-one said anything. Just ignore this BS. Our local 7-11 doesn't enforce this nonsense. If they try it on, we'll shop elsewhere.
  5. Every day, the govt tells us that there are no deaths & very few infections. No wonder people are "reckless". Tell the freaking truth & stop kidding the world, so you can get tourists back ASAP!
  6. Try contacting The Guardian newspaper. They run a daily virus blog for news from around the world. https://www.theguardian.com/world/live/2020/may/26/coronavirus-live-news-covid-19-uupdates-who-drops-hydroxychloroquine-trial-as-mexico-death-toll-questioned There's usually a contact email for whoever is in charge of the current blog. I think they'll share your update.
  7. So, what happens when you eventually receive your new passport, without your old passport? How will Thai immigration react when you present an empty passport, with no entry stamp?
  8. Or ethnicity, or the chinese supplied covid cure keeping their holiday destination clean
  9. Get a bicycle & exercise outside, away from others.
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