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  1. Not really, you will just get the same BS figures. Whatever they decide to make up to make them look good The lockdown measures they are planning are not consistent with the figures they are issuing. No one would lockdown in the way they are planning on 400 cases a day. In 10 days the COVID reality fog will be just as thick unfortunately.
  2. 3% effective after the first dose and then 27% after the second rising to 54% 2 weeks later. So for the month between the shots you're in the same boat as without it. After that it's toss a coin.
  3. Really!?, field hospitals with only 334 cases a day across the whole of Thailand!? Do they think we are stupid? It's obvious the pandemic is way out of control. Field hospitals are required when the hospitals are overrun and if they are already setting them up they are close to this now.
  4. Germans teaching English. Good luck with that. "What are you thinking about?"
  5. Incorrect. Vaccination does not prevent you from catching or transmitting COVID. It simply prepares your body to react quickly to a repeat infection by leaving detectors in your blood to restart the immune system should the virus be recognised again. After infections or vaccination has triggered the immune response and beaten the infection your body leaves low levels of detectors in the blood normal consisting of Antibodies plus B and T cells. How long the body continues to produce these detectors depends on a number of factors. Could be a few months , years or longer.
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