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  1. No, that's just what it sais on the document they sent out for the payment, funds came from a bank account they've sat in for about 4yrs, into my every day spending account with another bank because it was easier to transfer (online banking) as in-branch they could only transfer in 100k lots and that is not acceptable with Elite Visa. So, no, not as far as i am aware, just normal AML processes they have to carry out.
  2. Well, paid Monday, its Friday, still not had confirmation that the funds are acceptable (AML checks).
  3. Just an update. I finally got accepted a week ago, for Thai Visa, bare in mind it commenced in August 2020 (last week). I paid for it today (bank transfer), learned something new, in branch the max per transaction the banks allow you to send is 100,000 THB (weird, i'm guessing so they don't have to file SAR's). But if you complete via application, no issues (guessing automated SAR's). Processing point from here, 3 days approx, then arrange meeting in Bangkok Immigration, where they affix the stamp to the passport (sticker). Received
  4. So as i've mentioned in a few threads (including my own), I've had nothing but problems returning to a Non Img O, it can't be done simply because between the End of APRIL to the 14th of JULY i was on Amnesty, as I foolishly listened to the news, and the Government about staying at home, and that our visas are not a concern as there was Amnesty, that and they locked us down by our little villiages here, and the roads to the city centre were blocked with no ability to pass without a yellow Government pass, oh and there was no Immigration Outreach in my little falang baan... So today
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