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  1. Exactly, on your own, having to use aa third party agent is no different to doing yourself (which is quicker), the entire point of EVA doing it is because theres less hands involved, less areas for a cockup.
  2. Yes, but they don't give free rounds of golf at golf courses across the country ! I can't stand golf mind, but do like the country clubs.
  3. Actually, shop wasn't at fault, it was a 'bulk size purchase' (size and cost of the purchase) and was routed through Shopee who coordinated the delivery, seller dropped off to shopee, shopee took responsibility, it all went pair shaped from there. Not really following the post as its since resolved but just thought i'd correct that statement, again to reiterate, neither I, the seller, the delivery company nor shopee knew where it was, turned out it was in a warehouse and had got lost/miss-placed, they then delivered it, but even to this day the tracking has it still awaiting delivery (on th
  4. Can't fault the general drivers, they ring and are like 'friends' i guess as they're here so often, they know all the nooks and crannies to store when we're not there also.
  5. Just goes to show, the HQ is inside the Governments own building, yet they've managed to catch the dreaded Covid. No where is safe...
  6. I am writing this so as to provide an insight into a purchase i completed via Shopee, so as to give others an insight before deciding to purchase via the ecommerce store. We normally utilise Lazada, and having spent close to 10m THB personally and commercially via Lazada, i can honestly state that we've never ever had any problems with Lazada, except perhaps the one time some dodgy company sent me a fake USB drive. Anyway this last week, we attempted to order marine parts, specifically aircon at a cost of 85,000THB I did not consider we'd experience so many issues, curr
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