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  1. Set up a Revolut, or Transferwise account, you then have a UK Bank account and can move funds anywhere in the world, and into most currencies at near interbank rates.
  2. I'd be concerned with this price, 60k GBP is a significant sum for a farm to layout (we have over 500 rai directly and 2000 rai indirectly), and i'd be surprised if we (she) pays anything like this. One thing to be concerned with, is the land full chanute or is it lower variations of land titles (sor por gor etc) because in those cases it could be tricky, usually its fine when the mother hands to the daughter (which is what happened in my wifes case). As to physical costs of operations, its not a sizeable amount for the trees, but the cost adds up with the fertilisers etc annually (like 20-25k THB per 25 rai per year). Its a shame the rubber trees are gone, we (she) offloaded those and that was about 1.6m THB per 50 rai plots a few years ago. Also now is the time to 'go organic', people are going nuts for it in Thailand, so i'd concentrate on this as a small holding, or hold off till canabis is legalised and you can get in with the community. Legally speaking, full chanute land, if married (in thailand) and divorce, you are entitled to 50%, dependent on children will cause that to go skewed (hence thai men usually have second wifes but retain their first and children in wealth so as to not get screwed in divorce). If its not full chanute land, then you are not entitled to anything, as it becomes more of a pain, note also that many expats cry their wifes screwed them etc, usually its a case the wife had the finance in her name (car, land, home etc) and when they split, well you can't split the finance (but can the debt) so usually they get awarded in a divorce (settlement in mediation during court), so if you are going to finance anything, understand this.
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