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  1. Income tax (my bracket) your bracket may be less, but over 5m is 35% (my tax bill would be approx 6mTHB) -> Top of page mentions 10-15%, that's for low end withdrawals (sales). It rises to 35% (over 5mTHB)
  2. *FHCK* is what comes to mind. Yeah probably better to just let them send it back.
  3. There's 35% as 'income' and crypto.com already notify the US IRS...
  4. I had an interview a few months ago, was an American from Bitkub, they were specifically asking me the following on a EDD. - Do i transfer funds out of Thailand (Crypto/Fiat). -> appears a big no no. - Source of funds (Crypto) Its technically not money laundering what you've described, but in Thailand it would be enforced as such. This tax 35% though is a tad crazy.... They were trying to Bring Crypto Traders here earlier this year, they'd be fleeing in droves with that introduced.
  5. 1.8m for crypto..... and anything over 300k for FINCEN... (*suspicious transaction blackhole*)
  6. Retroactive tax -> That's where they will get you, having said that, surely as it is not enforced currently, they can't retroactively enforce later... who knows.
  7. Just bought a satellite phone from the US for the boat, its pre-paid for its import duties, arrived in Bangkok, and DHL are asking for a license for Satellite Phone (you usually obtain the license when you buy a simcard - this is just the device for SOS and calls). Anyone ever had experience with this? Did you have to get a license for the device (sold locally without any restraints on Lazada etc)
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