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  1. https://www.thaiexaminer.com/thai-news-foreigners/2020/05/30/thailands-economy-dependent-government-expenditure/ This story I was reading before sums things up for me. I am no economist but it is impossible to make heads nor tails of anything here, in particularly news reports. This seems to paint a realistic picture to me, and seems to marry up with what I see happening.....but I am sure going through the news reports if I scrolled a bit further I would be reading the opposite of this story saying exports up, everything rosey etc. I swear in one day I can read 3 stories on the economy that all seem to contradict each other, and not in a small way, totally the opposite to what I just read. One report saying something up 15%, then another saying the same thing down a percentage. Or it might be put in a smoke and mirrors way like current figures up on May 5 years ago or something. It is literally impossible to sift through the BS. I am sure I read somewhere exports where unusually up, and someone actually mentioned it in this thread. I live up country and businesses, large and small have been shutting down for some time. I don't see too many re opening. Everyone complaining they don't have any money. Every Thai I know that has employment is seriously in debt. Car manufacturers and factories shutting up shop in droves. This was all before covid. Yeah maybe Thailand as a country, or a group of elite has huge gold stocks and US$ cash reserves.... but your average Thai household doesn't. It's a house of cards if ever I have seen one.
  2. I just don't believe those figures, and I know Euro foreign tourists here only a small percentage of tourists but places like Pattaya and Phuket were well dead before Covid, and thats coming from hotel owners. We travel a bit and Chinese tourism in the North a huge percentage of the numbers. We were staying in 4 star hotels Chang Rai, Chang Mai, Phitsanalok for a fraction of the normal price and no guests. Went to Koh Chang at the start of high season just before Covid. Resort on the beach, breakfast included 1000 baht a night. lucky to be 10 guests at breakfast any one time, and this a 150 room hotel. The town itself was like a quiet Isaan town and everyone complaining. I am wondering what percentage of these figures are transients on stop overs to elsewhere. I would say most. I am only going on my own perceptions and I am no economist, but I don't know how you could garner any real figures anyway. I have given up watching the news here. Talk about rubbery figures! You can read 3 different stories every day on for eg exports and growth....and they all seem to contradict themselves. This up 4%, this down 12% overall only down 2% this year but down 7% over all. Figures seemed to be moulded based on who's is presenting them and who is trying to polish the trd
  3. Return to what I wonder. The general domestic economy seemed to be pretty bad before Covid. Tourism down, exports and manufacturing down, farmers in trouble with drout and high baht. Local businesses were closing down left right and centre
  4. Made a batch today and sorry I put the grated onion in. Gave it a bit of a rissole flavour. Were a little mushy inside and cooked them a fair while. Nice and crusty on the outside. I have found some of the Thai made pork sausages they sell in Makro mushy no matter how long you cook them. My mix had no liquid in it apart from a little water to soak the panko, but only damp. Maybe thats the difference between using breadcrumbs and rusk? Like them to have a firm texture inside.
  5. I was at Makro about an hour ago and they have bags and bags of mace, big bag 130 baht in their spice section. Their spices are as cheap as. What you pay for a big bag of Oregano, Sage etc about the same as what you would pay for a little McCormacks jar. The Mace is in it's raw ungorund form so you would need to grind it up. After a bit of research and seeing as I wont be using much I opted for nutmeg. I'm going to pretty much follow your recipe but add half a grated onion and a clove of garlic, and back off on the Sage a couple of spoons. Might add some Paprika, chilli flakes and black pepper. Wanted Cayenne but can't seem to find it in Makro. I have decided to make them skinless so I bought a piping bag from the bakery supply shop and I will just pump them out onto a tray on parchment paper and freeze them like that. Looking forward to testing the results Will check back
  6. Good idea. I would still like to have them in a sausage shape. I wonder best way to achieve that without a mould? I saw a silly little sausage mould on Lazada but expensive for what it was
  7. I eat the Thai / Isaan sausages here sometimes and the natural casings are great but I bought some before and really turned me off. They tasted strongly of bleach and impossible to tell how old they were. I really wouldn't enjoy eating them to be honest. Stupid I know but...By the way how is it possible to clean them? You would just about need to get a brush inside and give them a pull through. They advertise collagen casings on Lazada but all from China. And it is a bit of a waste of time ordering from there at the moment. As far as rusk goes...breadcrumbs no good? I was really hoping to avoid any filler if possible. By the way, had an Italian friend back home told me the secret to great Italian meatballs or rissoles is to soak normal bread in milk. Only a bit of milk just to dampen it and leave it sit for 30 mins or so. Really makes a difference to consistency, don't know what the milk actually does but makes a huge difference. What about mace? I don't even know what Mace smells or tastes like but a lot of people make sausages say its a must
  8. Firstly anyone know where you can source synthetic sausage casings in Thailand / Isaan? Does Makro stock them? Not really interested in the natural ones here Thinking of having a crack at making some sausages. I don't like an over spicy / herby sausage. Just a subtle back flavour but essentially pure pork. I'm thinking (from what I have read) Teaspoon Mace, sage, nutmeg...salt and pepper, maybe a few garlic cloves. I believe you don't need to use crumbs in Cumberlands... but maybe a cup per kilo? Any help or pointers in the right direction appreciated
  9. Thanks all, picked some up today. Still had 2 pharmacies trying to give me Cetrazine saying it's the same as Claratyne
  10. This time of year I need to take a one a day pill for my allergies. I been taking Cetrazine (Thai knock off of Zyrtec) and been getting sleepy. I was under the belief were a non drowsy medication, which apparently is not the case. Looks like I need Claritin. Both one a day allergy pills but different drugs, Zyrtec (Cetrazine) is faster acting apparently but cause sleepiness in some. Claratin is Loratadine. Works slower but no drowsiness. Has anyone found a Claritin (Loratadine) equivalent here? Would prefer a Thai version if available. I think I did see Claritin brand once here but was upwards of 600 baht
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