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  1. What are you talking about. Trump signed the first step act to correct Black incarceration under the dems. He's actively tried to improve the lives of many blacks, much more so that the Obama/Biden duo.
  2. So how would it work for a marriage visa, if the falong partner says he/she is the Jane. Would that mean no financial funds would be needed. Why should Thailand follow others? Thailand has it's own Buddhist based values and should not follow the know it all west. I think with everything else happening in Thailand this subject is a waste of time.
  3. Very true. Listening to the pundits (at least some of them) on TVF is dangerous to maintaining brain cell function. It's like a neurotoxin that poison your brain cells.
  4. This doesn't make sense. One therapy that works is transfusing patients with Covid serum from recovered patients. Therefore recovered patients have some immunity. Currently we don't know how long the immunity last but it's real. People without scientific or medical knowledge simply don't know.
  5. Why then do gays want to marry. Is there a tax advantage, being able to get marriage visas, inheritance rights etc? I think Thailand has stopped surrogates because of problems in the past. That being said, we are all guests in Thailand and it's not our place to tell the government how they should treat gays as long as civil rights are observed. In other words "none of our/your business". Thailand has big problems to handle and frankly this doesn't rise to the level worth consideration
  6. Viewpoint to you but preaching to me. I'll leave it there as we don't agree.
  7. We all can think for ourselves and make choices accordingly. No need or appreciation for your moral stands. I believe in free choice and to each his/her own. Best to keep moral values personal and not preach to others.
  8. However the cancel culture illiberal mob want to dictate our thoughts and values. They don't want us to be not free to have our own opinions and are put down as zealots if we don't go along. I say leave me alone to decide what's best and you can do the same. Don't tell me embrace this weird stuff because it's just sick. I treat everyone with respect regardless, but still think it's not normal.
  9. I usually hang around and listen to Thais from Bangkok bartering. In the North the local price for Khun Muang (northern folks) is usually cheaper. I then tell my wife that the so and so from BKK paid X. She knows that a starting point and with northern charm is offered a better price. I bet all over Thailand and other countries locals get a break over outsiders. If my wife isn't around I ask in khum muang and usually get the best price and sometimes better than my wife. But overall it's supply and demand that governs price. All merchants want to get the best price. Speaking the language and local dialect works wonders. I've even had park rangers wave us through after asking simple questions in Thai , but I make a point of leaving a donation anyway. I don't go to a lot of touristy place because there are too many falongs.
  10. Short courses are a problem with all high powered front heavy cars. They don't want to turn and the weight keeps them going straight. That said on longer courses with more straightaways they do OK. I prefer short courses because they test drivers skills over raw power. Light cars, with good power, and most importantly great brakes usually win a lot of races. Although I didn't race them, early modified Honda Civics with turbo won a lot of races.
  11. OK you should be able to re-gift by non on birthdays or Christmas. Or to Americans. You could re-gift your car, if your car though if full of high octane gas (petrol for you). Pontiacs are gas hogs 555. OK for straight line performance but too front heavy/rear light for the track. Once had a PTO that was fun.
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