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  1. that's a heinous crime to borrow money for an item which is so essential now, that even 5 year old kids, to very senior, need it and use it daily. Most probably it was worth to buy it on credit and jump on information revolution as early as possible. no village headman can force anybody to buy anything, especially if it was on credit. With lack of telephone landlines in thailand, jumping into mobile technology, was a major civilisation leap, which boosted the whole economy
  2. this warning is not for MP's, because it's obvious to them, but to educate the electorate to start watching their representatives and pressure them already. rightly so - if they were elected on anti-junta principle, they should not cross the line
  3. what the trade union has in common with it's employer, to beg the prime minister on behalf SRT? in the normal world, trade unions would rather demand than beg. And they would defend workers rights, working conditions and better wages, and not be associated with employer
  4. this time subsidies will go to farmers in the south, who voted for the democrat party and junta. for the rice subsidies yingluck government was overthrown, ministers jailed, she had to run abroad to avoid long sentence and her property confiscated. Army called it "corruption"
  5. I hope this ceremony won't last for 4 days, won't cost taxpayer billion baht and civil servants, police and soldiers won't be bussed in to line the streets for the motorcade. so what prayuth is going to do in tokyo for the rest 3.5 days? a shopping spree for wifie and her entourage of noble women?
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