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  1. I did buy something online Friday but the delivery isn’t gonna arrive until tomorrow so we had to make a quick short trip to the mall yesterday but it went well. They’re doing a great job of keeping the crowds reduced.
  2. Most stores around here are being very reasonable and nice about it except for one particular individual but that wasn’t an issue.
  3. I had to go to the mall yesterday because Kerry Express deliveries are running really late but I bought what we needed yesterday no problem. I did wear a mask in the mall yesterday but the mall was really polite about it.
  4. The Kerry Express deliveries I guess aren’t coming so we’re going to the mall to buy it. Suddenly today Kerry Express deliveries are at a stand still so much for staying indoors I guess.
  5. Good because Kerry Express isn’t answering the phone right now and if my new blender doesn’t arrive today then we will have to go to the mall this afternoon. But it should arrive I’ve had one Kerry delivery since this began and they are still delivering they were answering the phone just last night. It seems like whenever I read good news on here I don’t question it at all like everything else because they rarely write any good news about anything.
  6. They only said 3 new deaths well Italy has had at least 6000 so far.
  7. It’s amazing how we are in the middle of South East Asia and Thailand’s so far doing better than lots of other countries including in Europe like Italy for one. We’re pretty lucky considering everything and the fact that we are technically within driving range of where it originated.
  8. According to one newspaper in Bangkok it is the entire country but I don’t think they’re enforcing it because deliveries are still getting made late at night. Although it is better to order during the day before 8PM. Correction I don’t think they’re enforcing it up here. I don’t know about other cities though.
  9. I looked it up and it is just Bangkok currently for the curfew I expect it to be imposed on the whole country potentially.
  10. Allset

    Face mask

    Yep, and somehow some people don’t see these things because they will just accuse the opposition of not taking it seriously. That’s exactly what’s going on now.
  11. Allset

    Face mask

    Most people probably just haven’t been out enough to notice that lots of people are not wearing masks and now it’s probably because a lot of stores here are out of masks.
  12. Allset

    Face mask

    Where I live the stores are out of masks so not as many people wearing masks anymore at all yesterday. I’m not and about half the people on the street are not wearing masks either. You’ll see if you occasionally go out for groceries as we do at least twice a week.
  13. Allset

    Face mask

    Lol, whenever we go out maybe every other person is wearing a mask if that.
  14. Ok well I guess the delivery guys and restaurants didn’t get the memo here then.
  15. Or maybe it was just filthy where it began.
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