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  1. The standard of driving is shocking! Red lights? They dont just drive straight through them...they speed through them! As for turning? Many , many times, they will turn left, just "cut up" not only one..but sometimes 2! lanes, to enable them to make the turn!! As for entering main roads? They have a blatant disregard for any other traffic already on the road..Right turn? Yeah crack on...dont worry about any traffic coming along the road..just pull out in front of them...they will stop.......wont they? U-turns? In the U.K. U-turns are very very few...I see lots in Thailand........Seen lots and lots of accidents happening there too. Lots of people have said about the police not enforcing traffic laws...quite right............though they sometimes have a "purge" on helmetless wearing motorcyclists..........must be the time of the month?! Of course...not all road users in Thailand are like I describe.................many, many are though unfortunately. There definitely needs to be lots of education on driving skills in Thailand.
  2. I cant see that happening anytime soon! I got an e-mail from Thai airways this morning, saying my flight for September 15 (L.H.R.-BKK return) is cancelled.....I wasnt expecting it to fly anyway!
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