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  1. No beer No Ladies. Most people only get a few weeks holiday a year. spend it mostly in quarantine Why bother coming here.
  2. Way to go Thailand. About 14 dead will be children. wonder how many kids will be in a wheelchairs for the rest of there lives. Disgraceful. Thailand.
  3. get on with it the training was free from the state, i think ?
  4. if i had a tuning fork on stage, I would more likely drop it, then it would be lost in the sea of ladies panties that have been thrown on stage at me.
  5. If they get them fuel cells in all cars on mass, ii'm sure they bloody will
  6. i don't think the two examples are the same at all. but anyway. If we both, were in a bar in soi 6, girl on each side of us, all drinking away good times are here and all that. The front door opens and what appears to be a human being of restrictive growth walks in with a Donald Trump hat on, he jumps up on the bar and announces his a pixie. would you believe him ? if so why ?
  7. that would be cool, but think the money got pulled back in the 50s but geothermal to make the electric would be good for the cars. strange they don't do this as the earths core maybe hot enough for this. !!!!!!!!!!
  8. Don't worry all religions and cults will go the same way as the dinosaurs just a matter of time and thinking.
  9. smart phone apps are very good now days for tuning. using a tuning fork requires some skill, you don't have that when you first start.
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