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  1. Not so sure about the dutch oven. Used to think that was very funny in my younger years.
  2. This can't be so. I demand a recount, it will only about 3 then. plus 931 brown envelopes. Jobs a good'un. sorted. TIT.
  3. that's what you said. Sorry but this is Thailand, and all rules and regulations mean nothing.
  4. Just imagine Somchai and lady Somchai, with there weeks wages in hand. What could ever go wrong. !!!!!!!!!!! please dont' do it Thailand.
  5. Nah I vote for a free big bike on there 16th birthday for all Thai men. That should keep things in check.
  6. And the Red Bull Pantomime continues. His behind you. Oh no his not. Oh yes he is . Oh no his not oh yes he is. And so on and on and on and on. Got a few more years to go, then all will be fine.
  7. Get them teachers. Can't go getting an education now, can you Thailand. Muppet's in charge again. Thailand -4.1
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