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  1. Will it find the missing police force of Thailand.
  2. Good to see you are going to keep one eye on the door before you come. That’s a wise move. As for taking 20 years to realize Thailand is not for me. No, you may find it out much quicker, as Thailand has changed so much over the last 20 years, now the cracks in the veneer are so obvious to see, if you take the time to look. (you should look long and hard) As for Thailand being the central hub of Asia for travel. Nah, just old hat that one, all places are accessible form each other now days, its no big deal Being a nature geek, the national parks could be good, but the pricing structure may get to you in the end, a total embarrassment to the locals who may be with you at the gate. Also I don’t think Thailand is special in any way to other countries in the region for wild life and fauna. But Thailand does have the most trash all over the place, it’s been turned into a open tip now days. They even had a go at blaming the dirty foreign tourist for that. The hub of finger pointing. Night life , yes I give you that, whoring it up is the best here. got to be tops at something. The food tastes great, I give you that as well, but its not healthy for you. I’m a vegetarian and the amount of pesticides I must have inside me now, from the fruit and veg , it would almost make me in possible to burn at the Wat if I die here, with out first adding a few gallons of gas oil 91 to help me along. As for my expectations when I first come here, loved it, I really felt free for the first time in my life. Cheap, very friendly, never ending night life open 24/7, police never cared about messing with me, Immigration was easy and friendly and cheap, even a 12 months multi o was no problem getting in your own country or just over the boarder. Just to mention a few things, the list is long, People were happy go lucky. Thought this would be great to retire here, settle down and have a peaceful quite life. How wrong I was all the above has changed for the worse, this is also Noise vill central. Not my idea of fun, had enough and I’m off before I’m to old and into deep to go, like may here already are. Enjoy your stay I’m sure it will be fun for the first few years. Maybe we should start a poll, would you do it all again If you could have the time and all the money back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Right time to put on me Chang wife beater , cargo pants and flips flops, and off to me local, to get me favorite bar stool, before the idiots arrive. ( that was just for the Apologists ) Good day.
  3. Nah , under 60 still, just had enough.
  4. Your view of Thailand will change in time. when you live here. slightly strange you have 5750 posts and don't live here already. got to be a story there. I have done 20 years already here, and i had a good attitude and out look on life back then, fast forward 20 years, my advice would be give Thailand a miss whilst you still can. you may not even be able to stay here forever, in the not to distant future. been loads of rumblings about insurance for expats in the last two years, that alone could be a disaster for most. But please can you list the Huge positives you see in Thailand, I can only think of 2, 1) weather 2) The second to last sentence in my post. I tossed my list in the bin about 5 years ago, and started thinking with the big head not the small one. i also removed the tinned glasses, god the light was blinding, I had Arc eye for 2 days. !!!!!!!!!!!! I got 24 months left here, it sounds better than 2 years. the misses has her place up country the daughter will soon be finished at uni and can have my condo. Then i will go to that place, full of joy and expectations of a brighter future, the place where you can sing, dance, drink and be merry, the whole world at your feet. Yes you guessed it. Departure lounge suvarnabhumi. Just hope nothing comes along to derail, my escape plans.
  5. Well the female air crew can pop always round my place and do a bit of dusting, with the uniform on.
  6. Would you move to Thailand. Knowing what i know now about Thailand, no way. Don't do it. its just one big disappointment after another.
  7. Thanks for your reply guys. I will let B-quik do it in the next few weeks, and an engine oil and filter change. Thanks quake.
  8. What a wonderful Buddhist thing to do to chickens. amazing Thailand, the bottomless pit of cruelty to animals. Go there WDT,
  9. Hi Want to get me brake fluid changed in me 7 year old Honda Car, with ABS, should I let the main dealer do it, or Are B-quick and cockpit ok for this in the pattaya area. Anyone know approximate costs ? What do you guys do? Or do you not bother about changing the brake fluid? I must say the brakes work fine at present, think the manual said change it about 4 years I think. car only done 40k from new. Thanks, Quake
  10. One more shinning example of how <deleted> Thailand is when you look under the gloss paint. shame on you Thailand.
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