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  1. Same as me. It's a hoping and waiting game, My school told me that the immigration will maybe come up with a solution after the 26. Sept. Maybe isn't very helpful but they have no further information. I still don't know what to do. But I don't have the hope they will announced it in the remaining month if they let us get a new ED Visa inside Thailand.
  2. Even if the Visas are ok. But what is if they decide to Crackdown on Visas again one day.? They have time and not many tourists. The problem isn't the agent or the falang who want's to stay here. The problem is Covid with no change to solve the Visa issue inside Thailand. This wouldn't happen if they would allow falangs to pay easy for an extension. But anyway....
  3. Some of you are hilarious. At first you were saying: "Get rid of all the tourists. They should fly home. No excuse...marsch" Then you're are coming up and saying: ED Visa? what are you doing here? get a proper visa or fly home" . And now some of you blaming the people who are using agents. I can't wait to see who is the next target but I'm sure you will be the next one.
  4. So can I still get my visa from this agency? I'm ok if her name is karen by then.
  5. Huhu they announced on Facebook that their service is legit.what the hell is going on?
  6. Jesus Maria. I'm so glad I waited and didn't use their service but I was close to do it. They had an office in BKK, a website and 10k likes on Facebook. Not a small agency.
  7. Hi, there are some people who can't get a new Visa in Thailand or an extension. They have to make a border run or apply for a new Visa outside Thailand. Unlike Tourists who can switch to a new Visa in Thailand, I personally ran out of options. In my case I'm on an ED Visa which I can't extend and my permission of stay expired during the amnesty. At the moment my embassy announced that they don't issue the letter anymore. I would like to study further so leaving isn't really an option but I only see 3 options left . 1. Waiting and hoping that they will come up with a solution for those who need new Visa or hoping the Amnesty will be announced further . Which gives me a lot of headache. 2. Breaking up with my study and switch to a new Visa by paying an Agent. Which is absolute sad and useless but it would take away my worries. 3. Leaving and hoping my flight will not be canceled. However I would like to know from people who are in the same position then me, who can't get a new Visa or an extension until the 26 of September : what are you planning to do? Or what have you done? Thank you.
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