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  1. You did not put in the 5th button. 5. It doesn’t matter as TAT will tell us year on year that rich tourists numbers have increased and so has their spending.
  2. Newnative; I believe they have silently changed this, at-least in CM, to using the year bank statement at your next extension. I may be wrong, but the year statement is now an added requirement. It does save on the extra Imm visits. From this they can workout if you followed the rules.
  3. This topic though does highlight a few issues here, that will come to a head with a lot of bleeding like lambs being weaned. The original extension was to give people a chance to leave the country and not overstay. Some people took this opportunity. Those that didn’t have their own reasons be it people that are long term residents on short term visas, with border runs the solution. I do hope these people have a plan B if (when?) the visa amnesty is not renewed. If it’s not renewed, 1st August is a Sunday, so there will be no assistance that day from any government agency. It could well be a overstay fine, with a leave in 7 day stamp. Europe is opening up, and there has been plenty of time to sort out departure to get home for the normal tourist. And for the border runners, if they get blacklisted for a period due to overstay, what are their options then? Maybe contact with their embassy for flight information prior to the end date.
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