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  1. You are not supposed to taste it to test whether it is real one or not.
  2. All the bar girls are not back from their home town yet to say hello to international tourists yet.
  3. Until all the facts are known later on, it is too early to make judgement. Considering all the circumstances and conditions, it is most unlikely that Thailand was more successful than others for said reason. If it is so, then whole COVID thing seems to be nonsense and drama. It is like telling that Papua-New Guinean physicist discovered unified theory hundred years ago.
  4. Without inappropriate action, no new babies. Too many babies, is that why inappropriate?
  5. Is prostitution the reason to arrest or foreigners running the monkey business problem? Tourism without sex in Thailand sounds like spaghetti without linguine.
  6. Place North Korea on the table also. China is the culprit for inhumanity of North Korea and hindrance toward unified Korea too.
  7. It is a good idea to carry super glue always if you drink.
  8. New York and California are virtual Thailand governed by radical Venezuelan mindset.
  9. Does he look like any one of these, Barbra Streisand, Benajamin Nethanyahu, Bruce Springstein, Gustav Mahler, etc.? If he looks like Obama, Boris Johnson, Idi Amin, etc. he is not him. (It is not he.)
  10. Bt 1,000 for monthly living expense in Thailand. The manufacturing cost of China is cheaper than Thailand. And Thailand is relying on Chinese tourist for economy. Something wrong in this premise.
  11. Advertise them as medical bug in China, it will all be gone in a week.
  12. Mask became the burka of Thailand. It would be more appropriate if the police force should be directed toward traffic safety.
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